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  1. Just got a ebook review copy of this today - can't wait to dig in!
  2. My former college roommate made me a mix tape with Graveyard Shift on it in 1990. A few years later he sent me a tape w/ March 16-20, 1992 and Anodyne; I really dug Anodyne. Being There was the first Wilco I bought not long after it was released. Been hooked ever since.
  3. We Three Kingpins Standing O Come, All Ye Faithful
  4. Last night I had a dream that Jeff was working as a bagger at Kroger as part of his nationwide book tour. If you were lucky & picked the right checkout line you could ask him questions about the book or whatever while he was bagging your groceries.
  5. 1>7>6>7>2>8>3>5>4>10>9 I would take anything over more show tunes.
  6. SF tops my personal list of Wilco clunkers, followed by Capitol City and ELT.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob_qqx9tSMU
  8. Coming soon to Netflix - Orange is the New Kevlar
  9. I'll go for anything interesting (souvenir or cool advertising, calendar pencils, floaty pencils) usually mid-1960s or earlier. I went a little nuts with it a couple of years ago so I probably have 600+ pencils; at some point I need to thin the herd a bit.
  10. Making art (more of a vocation than a hobby) building cigar box guitars collecting vintage mechanical pencils
  11. Pixies at the Chameleon Club, Lancaster PA in 1989. The opening band was Public Affection who later changed their name to Live.
  12. We're in a holding pattern until we get the all-clear to head back to Savannah after emergency crews clear the roads of downed trees and power lines and re-inspect all the bridges. What video we've seen today of our area (Wilmington Island, east of Savannah) shows tons of uprooted trees & torn up power lines (I imagine the power will be out for days) but fortunately not much storm surge flooding. We won't know anything about our house until they let us back on the island.
  13. My first thought after my first Schmilco listen, "Whew, no waltzes."
  14. I remember going into downtown Baltimore with my mother and our next-door neighbor (our neighbor had broken his leg when he fell off the back of a truck at work and my mom was driving him to his doctor's appointment to get his cast off) and seeing armed soldiers standing on the street corners. This was right after MLK was assassinated & the national guard had been called up to quell any potential rioting in the city. I was 4. I also remember watching RFK's funeral on TV a few months later.
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