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  1. This album makes me happy! Thank you, Wilco!
  2. Ben Ratliff's review in this week's New York Times of Christopher Owen's new album: "Slow songs including Stephen and Overcoming Me get close to Lennon's solo records or to Wilco"
  3. One of the best début albums I've heard in a while is from this Canadian band. Saw them last night in Montreal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGRhaFx1Zpw
  4. New Ben Gibbard & Aimee Mann: “Bigger Than Love”! http://prettymuchamazing.com/music/stream/ben-gibbard-aimee-mann-bigger-than-love
  5. I'd say the only turning point I see is the quality of the Wilco Forum staring with this thread.
  6. That's great news! Made my day. Very happy for the band and the recognition they're getting for their deserved album and body of work.
  7. Have RAA's Hometown album which was great. Haven't heard their new album yet.
  8. Check out Canada's best kept secret. Canada's Jayhawks? Check out Westside Street at their website. http://www.thedeepdarkwoods.com/
  9. Does anyone else hear a resemblance to IATTBYH? I meant Los Campesinos By Your Hand.
  10. Its been great to hear the boys on Sirius and I can't get enough of "its Wilco weekend all weekend on the Spectrum". In additon to Jeff introducing songs, heard Sansone and Jorgenson and Nels. It's obvious how knowledgeable and interested in music the boys are. To me, they're like music scientists. Also heard Glad its Over for the first time last nite. They're back on at 9 AM this morning.
  11. Wilco came on with a killer Art of Almost at 9.15 last nite followed by I Might. And the crowd was roaring 2 songs in. I don’t recall the Metropolis ever this loud. And from there the band was all business and on the attack. The sound was thicker than I’d heard before. Yet thru the musical onslaught, there were glimmers of beauty that shone thru in the way that only Wilco knows how to do it. Ashes of American Flags featured a beautiful guitar solo from Nels. A noisier than usual IATTBYH segued into One Wing. Nice. At Least That’s What You Said featured a gorgeous opening guitar and piano. Afte
  12. Wilco's never been afraid to play their new stuff in Montreal,
  13. Is it me, or does this song sound a bit like Heavy Metal Drummer?
  14. The first thing I thought when I heard it was it sounds like REM. Take a listen to "The One I love". Then listen carefully to the Decemberists Down by the Water especially at 47 and 57 seconds, then again at 110 seconds…and so on. There’s a riff there completely copied.
  15. Just saw long-time Canadian band Blue Rodeo in Montreal last night. They have to be Canada's best musical secret. Sort of sound like the Jayhawks but less melancholy. Jim Cuddy has a sweet melodic voice. Currently listening to their new double album, The Things We Left behind. Particularly like Waiting for the World, Candice, Arizona Dust, And When You Wake Up, One More Night.
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