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  1. Thank you for posting this! I took a brief look at the lyrics to see if anything else was performed on The Tweedy Show. I think “It’s Hard To Get Over Being Used” is The Plains. That one was performed a couple of times, most notably on one of the tour bus episodes. I’m also looking forward to some French horn on a few of the new tunes.
  2. I don’t think it gets updated until a day or two before the festival begins.
  3. Yep, the app sent out notifications in real time for the Pop Ups. And there were several TV screens in the main building near the cafe/elevator that had all of the social media posts.
  4. Stumbled upon what I believe is the first review…. https://americana-uk.com/wilco-cruel-country spoiler alert (🥸): there are a lot of song instrumentation descriptions, especially ones that haven’t been played on The Tweedy Show.
  5. It is with a heavy heart to announce this here, but we lost a fellow VC member and huge Wilco fan. Dave Mirabella was a huge Wilco fan and one of the first members of the fan community that I had the pleasure of meeting. Paul Suwan being the other one. This was at the Jeff Tweedy solo show in Northampton, MA Nov 2005. He was very prominent in the Boston music scene as the frontman of The Rationales. Wow! I’m just stunned. He was performing covers during the pandemic via Facebook and taking requests. I know that he was at the Wilco show in Boston last summer becau
  6. Oh, it’s extremely possible. There were a lot of songs that didn’t have any titles at all and any of them could be on Cruel Country. Or any song that Jeff titled on the show could have changed names by now. I’ll have to sift through them and look at the song titles that aren’t accounted for to see if any words or phrases pop out, when I listen to them. Tunnel At The End Of The Light is another one that was great, but doesn’t appear to be on the new record. Not familiar enough with it to think of other wordings that it could be named under. Yeah, Sunlight’s End was
  7. There are quite a few more songs out there, but I don’t think anyone has extracted them from their episode to make a YouTube video. I Am My Mother (episode 206) All Across The World (episodes 169/179) Tired Of Taking It Out On You (episode 213: Live At Largo) The Universe (episodes 154/170/196: Live At Mass MoCa) [Paul Suwan said that this song was titled Say It Plain at the time of the Mass MoCa performance, according to the printed setlist.] edit: David Handelman pointed out to me that I had All Across The World listed as In The Hurricane’s Eye on my epis
  8. Here’s the track list & awesome artwork, according to iTunes. 😍
  9. I guess that seems 99.9% possible, but you never know. Yeah, it seems like that’s an appetizer to hold us over until the deluxe editions are released.
  10. https://wilcostore.com/collections/vinyl/products/yhf-alternate-take-vinyl-lp It’s possible that this got lost in the YHF madness today, but the Alternate Take 7 inch is up in the store: I’m The Man Who Loves You/War On War.
  11. I wonder if we’ll get the extended vinyl version of Pot Kettle Black on digital or cd. I believe One Sunday Morning is the only other song in their discography that has an extended vinyl version.
  12. Did the YHF vinyl that Colbert had in his hands look different to you? It looked like it was grey, but with no album title on it.
  13. I missed it too, but Colbert just announced that the special edition of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot will be released on September 16th. 😃👍👍 The unexpected announcement came right after their amazing performance on his show. Should be up on YouTube relatively soon.
  14. Heads up to the tapers that frequent here and might attend a YHF show: a potential taper with recording gear over in the FB group was told that “audio taping privileges have been rescinded” for this special run of shows. Good news is that it sounds like something might get released.
  15. Just a heads up: anyone out there seeing the discounted subscriber’s price only on the Nugs site and not on the app? I’m definitely logged in on the app because I’m playing one of their shows. I tried clicking the price on the app and it still showed the $24.99 price. It looks like it was going to do the purchase via iTunes. I feel like this was an issue back when the drive in shows were done.
  16. Thank you for posting this, since I never saw this when I looked at the email subject in my Inbox. That limited view only listed Jack White, Bob Weir, Jimmy Buffet and David Gilmour. Weird! Of course, when I actually clicked on the email there it was in big letters. I kinda figured that Nugs had to film at least one of these shows. Excited to see what they have in store.
  17. Bull Moose Records had a listing for about a month for a 7 inch vinyl release with the correct tracks, but had a street date of April 1st. I special ordered it from them and it’s in limbo. I didn’t get any firm details (alt takes) on it, until that IG post today. There’s a decent chance it gets released to record stores after the shows. There’s an even better chance that this listing was a fluke. We’ll find out… https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35387272/wilco-war-on-war-im-the-man-who-loves-you
  18. The Tweedy Show Tuesday March 1 Episode 213 -- Jeff says that the curtains have followed them to Los Angeles & welcomes the clients to The Tweedy Show. Susie walks from backstage to a spot in the audience. Out For A Walk (aka Circumcised) Via Chicago "Tired Of Taking It" -- Jeff says that's the first time that he's performed that outside of a recording studio. Either Way Reservations Gwendolyn "High On A Cloud" Sunken Treasure Locator Lou Reed Was My Babysitter You Are Not Alone Ain't No Doubt About It Hints We've Been Had Family Ghost Hate It
  19. In case anyone missed it, Susie will be streaming tonight’s show at Largo @11:30pm EST.
  20. Yup! It sounded like a fresh cut. 🥸 I’m in the same boat on quite a few of the new ones. I only remember the title.
  21. “All Across” and “Tired Of Taking It” do not ring any bells in my Tweedy Show memory of unreleased songs. The other ones he has played. In fact, he played “Hints” when John & Glenn showed up about a year ago. If you’re interested in tracking those down, here they are: “Love My Country/Choir USA” Ep. 146 “Still My Mother/I Am My Mother” Ep 206 ”Story To Tell” Episodes 176 & 196 “Hints” Episodes 156, 188, 193, & 195 All of that info is on Monty’s spreadsheet that he’s been maintaining on a regular basis. https://docs.google.c
  22. “Circumcised” sounded familiar to me, so it felt like a perfect time to check out Monty’s list and he did play it way back on episode 182 in June 2021. Spencer even sang backing vocals on it. My brief notes have “it’s easy beginning when it’s ending.” as a lyric. Not sure if it popped up again under a different name. That’s amazing that he’s focusing on these new songs in a live setting. I also wonder where this batch will wind up.
  23. Largo night 4 encore Monday February 28 — an usher comes over to tell Susie that there’s no filming. She tells him that she’s his wife. — the audience shouts requests at Jeff. Save It For Me (with Sammy on backing vocals.) Smothered In Hugs (Guided By Voices cover sung by Sammy.) — Jeff asks for requests from the audience. He jokes that they’re shitty requests. An audience member asks Jeff why he asks for requests. Jeff says to kill time, for human connection and to see if people know his songs. California Stars — Jeff says that he knows someone who ma
  24. Backstage at Largo Friday February 25 Orphan (Spencer on thigh slaps. Macie Stewart & Sima Cunningham on backing vocals.) — Jeff explains that they are backstage at Largo at the Coronet Theater. — Jeff gets his “game face” on, as do the rest of the band. — Jeff can’t reveal who’s next door in the backstage area because it’s a surprise for the audience. Susie says that the surprise was ruined on social media by using the surprise guest’s initials. Jeff jokes “how do they know it’s not Norm Oscarberg.” — the band members give Susie their names & ages. T
  25. Last night of Sky Blue Sky January 20 What an amazing ending to what sounded like a stellar 4th & final night! Thank you, Susie! I didn’t keep track, but I’ll update this section soon. If you’re seeing the setlist making the rounds over in FB land, the filming started during Born Alone. Hmm. (I spy a setlist debut in there!) Born Alone Jesus, Etc. Hate It Here Heavy Metal Drummer I’m The Man Who Loves You Candyfloss Casino Queen Outtasite (Outta Mind) Cut Your Hair (Pavement cover sung by Stephen Ma
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