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  1. Hey guys, Anyone got any tabs for Cass McCombs - he's really awesome..but any kind of guitar related discussion is scarce (at best)! thanks in advance! Owen
  2. Dunno if this has been posted yet http://www.hotpress.com/news/5378617.html Gonna be a night to remember!
  3. what else is Tweedy listening to these days?
  4. anyone got any tabs for tunes on the wilco book cd?
  5. some videos I took the other night.. Quality isn't fantastic, but you get the idea.. http://youtube.com/watch?v=dqnq8wOPAIQ http://youtube.com/watch?v=FEq2nTBABNI Also some pix are up on www.flickr.com/photos/owenturner
  6. Hey, Looking for 3 tix for Nov 15th show. In Dublin so can meet in person and pay in cash whenever suits. Cheers
  7. Hey guys, I remember seeing Wilco do Always in Love & Can't Stand It on Jools Hollan/BBC around the time of the release of Summerteeth..I can't seem to find it on Youtube..Anyone know if this footage exists on the Net?? Cheers
  8. That LA date has put to bed the 'electric picnic' question...
  9. Hey, anyone got any good tabs for either of these 'bands'.?? There was a great site called acid casualties that had some good pavement stuff on it, but it appears to have been taken down.. And can't seem to find any decent smog ones anywhere.. Tks
  10. and where would that be?? I'm someone with the non-enhanced version of SBS...
  11. yeah..i've tried that..it just displays the 12 tracks.. cheers
  12. When I follow the above instructions I only get the 1-12 tracks displayed..Is the enhanced content only available on certain formats??? I got the deluxe edition with the dvd... Tks
  13. I've heard from sources very close to EP that they are 'pretty much' confirmed...though I still find it hard to believe that Wilco will be in Europe in September..Three European tours in as many months?? And it would appear that they are scheduling some kind of US dates around then..Sooooo I wouldnt be getting my hopes up
  14. nah..don't think so..It looks like a miniature stapler..or something..The edge from U2 uses one a bit too..
  15. how do i get my hands on this album?? Soulseek? or PM..please? Tks
  16. Hi guys, I've seen various guitarists use some kind of 'accessory' in their strumming hand which creates a long drawn out effect from each note they play...I have no idea what this is called..anyone know??
  17. to be honest..as much as I'd like this to be true..I find it hard to believe that : a)wilco will still be in Europe come September, and b)It would probably indicate that Wilco are to do three European tours in the space of 3 months I would say Oxegen is more likely...unfortunately.. Still, fingers crossed for EP
  18. Wilco playing Latitude in UK...July 12-15 http://www.nme.com/news/festival/27388
  19. Just as a matter of interest.. what would be considered a bad Wilco album? Or what would have disappointed people here? Wilco have been consistenlty brilliant for as long as I can remember, and in the time that I have been a fan this is the first time that I have felt disappointed..I'm surprised that there are only a handful of people out there who feel the same
  20. Respect Starbuck I got your back, we'll take them all
  21. Ok dudes, keepr rockin The via chicago Stanlinists are shutting me down 'any criticism of Wilco results in a trip to a Gulag' Whatever you want to believe, I guess
  22. I don't really post here..but given that Wilco have just 'released' a new album I thought I may as well.. So here's my contribution to the current SBS debate.. The album is a big disappointment, and anyone who wants to say otherwise is only lying to themselves...The excitement of the recent live shows and revamped lineup has been replaced by something totally sterile and lifeless.. No self respecting Wilco would've been wishing for an album of substandard versions of lonely 1, far far away and hummingbird etc..The bands superb musicianship can't even save the SBS tunes..There isn't any bite wh
  23. I have seen a good few guitarists namely the Edge and the guy from Coldplay recently using some 'thing' ..creating an almost synth-like sound..think U2 without or without you. I am not being very articulate..but any help would be great.. cheers
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