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  1. You forgot the attempt at Monkberry Moon Delight, which I will have to learn to play myself, now.
  2. I have two GA tickets available for Sunday, October 18. $50 for the pair, or best offer. PM me if you're interested.
  3. If the band references in the TV show or movie make a bunch of people legitimately discover Riviera, then that's great. If it makes a bunch of people like one Riviera song, that's also great. If it makes people think they like the band based on that one song, that annoys me.
  4. I could see $30, I guess. I'm still reeling from the debacle that was The Thorns and being pissed about seeing them live. If I could only get that time and money back....
  5. Totally unnecessary to charge this amount of money, especially when only $1/tkt is going to the local charity.
  6. The band should make Tzvi tshirts for this tour. They'd sell like corndogs.
  7. Please, show some respect. He has a name - Tzvi.
  8. Yeah, my nephews are really into animals and I wanted to see if I could make a contact to get them in to see non-zoo animals. The handler was really cool and we talked about the camel (dromedary) and what his name was, where he came from, etc. I thought Tzvi (Schvee/Svee) was a Swedish name, but the handler said it's Hebrew. We had already considered making Tzvi the Camel tshirts, but none of us are any good at design.
  9. A bit of trivia for everybody: The camel's name is Tzvi (or Zvi), which is a Hebrew name.
  10. After reading the complaint, I have surmised that Jeff Tweedy is an incredibly generous man.
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