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  1. Well of course Susie noticed! She likes your recaps.
  2. Haha, Ziggy! Keep up the great detective work! I love these little details.
  3. Thanks always for doing your great recaps, Kristofor!
  4. Yes, Paul, surprise new update as of the wee hours this morning. Once we all adapt to navigating the new board, you'll find it has many improved features. Photos can now be posted with a simple drag-and-drop, for instance. Thanks always for your reviews!
  5. So what do you think of our upgrade? Go ahead, wander around, get your bearings. It's new to your moderating staff too, so bear with us as we discover together what happens when we click that button! There will be tweaks and improvements as we go, but for now I hope you will all thoroughly enjoy our new community playground! Big thanks to our admin Neuroglue (Tom) for long hours put in to make this happen. We'll all be stumbling around a bit as we adapt to our new surroundings, but please contact a moderator or admin, or post in the Speakers Speaking forum if you encounter a problem.
  6. Hey Clients, Just a heads up to tell you that Via Chicago will be down late tonight for some much-needed maintenance. We'll see you all on the flip flop. Estimated timeframe is between midnight to 4 a.m.
  7. That was a terrific show. The last song left me wrapped in warm fuzzies that lasted all night.("Save It for Me")
  8. Wasn't that a great show?!! Loved that closing song after the terrific encore, and all those happy car horns!
  9. kidsmoke


    Yep, I'm doing a lot of wishful thinking right now. I hope a wish or two are answered in November.
  10. Spreading the Tweedy Show love on a rare outing to the beach at Crystal Cove, CA (I'm going to have to remove this beauty to eat my lunch, though!)
  11. Dearest Jeff, May today bring you balloons and surprising gifts and sprinkles on cakes and blowing out candles without accidentally igniting your beard! I guess by now you know how much Via Chicago loves you. Happy 53rd, you young pup. Keep amazing us. We are so very glad we know you.
  12. How the hell are you? Safe and sound I hope. This storm system sounded intense. Check in & let us know!
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