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  1. I really enjoyed the show last night. I’ve seen Wilco about 20 times over the past couple decades but haven’t seen them since Solid Sound 2015. I didn’t realize how much I missed this band! The stalwarts like “Via Chicago,” “Misunderstood” and “Impossible Germany” were great reminders of what an amazing live band Wilco is and the new tunes (specially “We We’re Lucky” and “Everyone Hides”) fit in great. It was a pretty great mix of tunes. Obviously they’re promoting a new record and are going to feature most of those tunes but they hit on all other records except for “the Whole Love.” Onl
  2. Pretty cool interview and performance of "White Wooden Cross" and "Empty Corner" https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1jMKgvpoPOgxL
  3. I was bummed cause I tried via the Ticketmaster app which I usually have great luck with and when I logged on at 11 on the dot, I was informed that they weren't selling via the app - so I missed my shot at good seats. bummer!
  4. Thanks to a weekend of long drives I listened to the record at least a half dozen times and I LOVE it! It's the kind of raw, fuzzy record they've hinted at with tunes like "I Might" or "I'm A Wheel" but the concept feels fully realized here. Jeff & Nels' guitar work shines along with Glenn's drumming. And the tracks themselves feel less crowded instrumentally. I think the last few records may have suffered from 6 guys all adding something to the soup of EVERY song. I don't hear six unique voices on these songs which is refreshing and reminds me a bit of AGIB. Really looking forward t
  5. Got tix for Night 2 GA Floor! I'll be trying for night 1 on Friday! So psyched to see the boys at the Cap!!
  6. I'm also wondering how to access this presale...
  7. I listened to a bunch of it. A lot of it reminded me of stuff from the Wilco Book. Really cool sounding stuff. Most tracks were really just Jeff singing and playing guitar with various noise. It'd be awesome if sketches from that era got released.
  8. Prince is #24. Do we need to say anything else to prove this is way off??
  9. say you miss me & radio cure?! it was a fun night!
  10. Is anyone doing the GD Covers Project? Here's one my wife and I did: http://youtu.be/n7PQmJnruNA
  11. anyone done a rip of the roadcase stream yet?
  12. yah, I'll def be rebuying her discography on vinyl when it all becomes available!
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