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  1. So a Greek, a Spaniard a Portuguese and an Italian walk into a bar, drink all night and get shtfaced and pass out - who pays the bar bill? My cats puke on your cats ...
  2. wow, I just watched that and i really was moved by Steven and Michael and Wayne and their feelings about such a great record ... one of my favorites ever
  3. Sorry to ressurect an old one here, but seemed better than a new one just to post this new Rolling Stone interview with Peter gabriel about Genesis: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/peter-gabriel-possibility-of-a-genesis-reunion-is-slim-20110927?stop_mobi=yes
  4. See Peter Gabriel's comments about pnce talking to Phish about doing The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway together http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/peter-gabriel-possibility-of-a-genesis-reunion-is-slim-20110927?stop_mobi=yes
  5. you can learn the basic rules in one reading, and learn the game OK in one or two plays -- now getting good and learning the strategies, that is a different thing ...
  6. Not at all, totally free, run by dedicated hobbyists ... no gimmicks, no popups, no bullshit. Here is the best place to play online: WebDiplomacy I am "Rancher" there if you ever test it out, but there are several thousand players who frequent, some good some bad
  7. Never had one, but then again I'm in Columbus, the home to both White Castle AND Wendy's ...
  8. Doubt I'll get the new album ... I got into MMJ by seeing two shows, which were awesome, may see them again in Columbus is if it works out, but I did not get into them through the studio records, so I think I'll pass on this one
  9. I've loved this pre-WWI board game since I was a teen. No dice, no cards, just negotiating and ordering. Good times ... anyone else play online or in person?
  10. yeh, I love the batwings, had em on forever - see my PM to you love Okkervil River too, so looking forward to this disc -- favorite Okkervil song currently is "Lost Coastlines" but it changes
  11. never seen them, I don't gush over them, but man that first album was really good, as was "Mykonos" from the EP (the rest of the EP didn't do as much for me) ... I will be getting this new FF record shortly and am excited, I had kind of semi-forgotten about them
  12. My twin brother in DC won't listen to Wilco, The Decemberists, The Flaming Lips, Okkervil River, Stereolab or any band I have liked in the last 10 years He listens to Bruce Hornsby and old Yes albums ... the last band we had any joint liking of was probably Phish, though he started listening when I was finishing ...
  13. Agreed about Jenny - I get the sense that she is a strong person, though Love the new album, and hey, I really liked Hazards in a different way too, both really well done in their own elements The Columbus show a few weeks back was very good, we got "The Tain" opener too, and "The Mariner's Revenge Song" at the end
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