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  1. It’s funny I was just thinking king of this place Friday as I was at the Calvin in Northampton ma seeing nada surf and that was where I first met other VCers in the wild in 03 or 04 before a Wilco show. Then I get drawn back here today.
  2. So awesome! Happy anniversary! I can honestly say this place and the friendships it led to changed my life. So many good people, so many good memories! Viva via Chicago!
  3. My love for this record can not be expressed. It took everything i love about wilco and married it with with the aspect of Loose Fur and Tweedy that I love so much. That confident, off-hand but complex, greasy guitars, instinctive melodies. God Damn this is good. Its been forshadowed enough (i might, LF, Tweedy) to feel right, but is enough of a departure to feel really exciting at the same time. More.., RNG, Satellite, Ceiling, Begin, Slope, King(the most loose fur of all), and magnetized all are amoung my all time favorite tweedy songs already. Can't wait for intereviews and backstory on th
  4. BLINK. BLINK. Mind = Blown.
  5. Hey all - been a while since i checked in here - but i wanted to share the new single from my band - THE RATIONALES. Its up for Free Download on Bandcamp at the moment - (and a bunch of our older cataloge is there as well - a few of them free)... Love to hear what you think! http://therationales.bandcamp.com/track/radio-single-2012
  6. ha - no one submitted video? i had a whole thing just about ready to go but figured "eh, they'll be so overwhelmed with submissions" and never sent it, figures. still - i think there was some reason beyond a lack of footage that they were limited in the stage setup. that said - i think the lighting they did use was fantastic.
  7. not the best sound - but here's The Rationales:
  8. http://stereogum.com/741741/wilco-i-might/mp3s/
  9. you guys seeing them this weekend are in for a treat - they were so good and SO much fun. probably my favorite stage dynamic ever - and dasmn - the songs are amazing. it was so cool to get to see them in such a cool bar - let alone share a bill with them.
  10. The Handsome Family are doing a pre-Solid Sound club set tonight at the Rosebud Bar in Davis Sq. Somerville if anyone is around. show starts at 745pm with yours truly. Hope to see you! thanks, D
  11. ah hahahaha. same thing here. I have lamented Not ever seeing beulah for years. now i find out that i did. awesome.
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