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  1. I actually messaged the Wilco Official page on Facebook and they messaged me back "yes." The shows are going to happen. The only question now is when.
  2. Roadcase number 86 is up at Wilco world that's this show. I'm surprised that none of the other winterlude shows have been put up along with it.
  3. I just use my phone as my iPod now. I put a 256gb memory card into my Samsung Galaxy S9 and so far I like it better than any other setup I've ever had. I use VLC media player to organize and play the library.
  4. All those clips were compiled as part of Jhamm's legendary Wilco dvd video project. I think I have a copy still. I'm not sure I can share that. I certainly can't upload that anywhere without him getting into a lot of trouble. I can ask him to see if he wouldn't mind me doing an old-fashioned mail trade.
  5. The release series disc 5-8 and Discs 8.5-12 box sets will finally see release on cd. finally. Apparently it's going to be put out in Canada on record store day and the USA in May. There are order links already available on amazon and i ordered one of each right away.
  6. And then there's this. Just when you can't think that it couldn't get more revolting, it does.. He tells a 10 year old girl that he will date her in 10 years and it's recorded on tape. It's shocking only b/c he ended up being even worse than i thought he was, and I've always hated him. He's a pure predator. http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/300740-footage-surfaces-of-trump-making-questionable-remark-about-10
  7. I 100% agree. I meant only by saying "potentially" that my alternative theory was that he could be just making stuff up that didn't actually do, which he does all the time for a lot of other things. Just bullshitting in order to sound like a big man in front of the boys. Since i posted that, however, it has become more than likely that he was actually telling the truth. That he did engage in this behavior, and repeatedly at that. I had thought that when this news broke, that it would lead to more accusations, and that's exactly what happened. He's basically become the political version of Bill
  8. This is even worse b/c Trump is essentially admitting to doing the kind of stuff that Roger Ailes got fired from fox news for while on tape. Groping women without consent is potentially criminal behavior. This goes a step above simply being "lewd." Of course, since he never spelled out any victims specifically, we will never know exactly who he was speaking of, but he's basically admitting he sexually assaulted women in some form at some point in his life and that he was proud of it.
  9. Someone apparently did. It appears to have been captured directly off the radio, so i'm assuming the awesome person who captured this was in the Minneapolis area at the time. It sounds great! I was at the show in the front row, and now i get to relive it whenever i want! Whoohoo! I posted the link in the torrents section.
  10. Somebody posted the stream that was taken down at dimeadozen.org. You can download it to keep for yourself!
  11. The show was directly captured from the radio by someone who i assume is from the Minneapolis area. I posted the link in the torrents section if anybody needs to hear it again.
  12. Cool! I canceled my amazon order and ordered from there instead. Thanks for the heads up! I noticed they are also offering Nels' new CD with an autograph as well.
  13. Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jvccsb0u7ata1rf/AACU54SX-M6wpruYmpa2S05Na?dl=0
  14. I'm prepping a dropbox upload now. It may take 30min or more to upload to dropbox. I will post a link here either then, or in the morning when i wake up, if I've fallen to sleep by the time this thing uploads!
  15. It was. I'm downloading it from dimeadozen.org right now.
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