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  1. For anybody who missed it - here is the supercut of Sammy walking through the doorway that I put together and was mentioned on the show. This includes every time I could find that Sammy literally walks in through the doorway - this doesn't include instances where Susie missed Sammy walking in. I think it's about 63 times but who's counting https://youtu.be/-Gq14W_uxtY
  2. Here's the updated rare song checklist for anyone who missed it on Facebook. Some notes: -I removed “Sandusky”, and have not added “Two Guitars” from the recent Summerteeth deluxe set. I’m guessing we won’t be hearing anything that requires x2 lead guitars on the Tweedy show. -I removed “I Don’t Like The Way This World’s A-Treatin’ Me” - this is an interesting composite recording with Woody on vocals and Jeff on guitar. I’m removing it since Jeff doesn’t sing and probably should have not be on the list previously. -I have not added “Tried and True” - since this is a variation of Summer Teeth -I have not added “Can’t Locator It” - since this is a variation of Locator -The last rare song was played all the way back on Episode 127 - What’s The World Got In Store (Dec 10th). Understandably we seem to be slowing down - but hold out hope! I’ll update this sheet again before episode 200, but anything not played by episode x200 might be considered “non-canon” for The Tweedy Show (understandably: mostly complex/synth heavy songs, piano forward songs, duets, and songs Jeff has decided to never played solo for whatever reason). I think there’s solid hope for maybe another x10-20 of these to get played, but maybe not much more. -Jeff played my last request after posting this list before episode x100 (Long Time Ago - Golden Smog)! If anybody is reading this from the Tweedy inner circle - my new request is “Wherever” the Uncle Tupelo rarity - and/or Hesitation Rocks (Racoonists can rock this!) - and/or “Shady Lane” by Pavement (which was played very briefly by Jeff back in episode 58). -Lost Episodes: I believe #14 is truly lost, though one recording of a recording exists of the Billie Eilish song - if anybody has more, please let me know. I believe #79 was recorded but Susie never uploaded to YouTube (would love to get ahold of this). #124.5 health update was also recorded but removed due to a privacy concern (would love for Susie to make this available with the offending scene removed - especially to hear those cool instrumentals again). -I’ve isolated and tagged every song played on The Tweedy Show into a video clip and mp3 audio file (over 1,000 complete song audio files, and even more partial performances!). This show has been an incredible gift for the clients and I felt the need to archive everything for future client enjoyment! This was a massive time investment and would not have been feasible without the hard work of Kristofor Georgeou for doing the show outlines and Monty Smith for the song spreadsheet! -The isolated audio files drop in very nicely to iTunes and can be organized in many creative ways (for example, you can sort separately by “composer” (which is the tag I am using to organize the original cover artists), artist (for example, great way to find Jeff solo performances vs. Jeff and Sammy performances, etc.), song title, and date played, etc. -I’d like to find a way to share the mp3 files with everybody…though would only do this with permission from the Tweedys. If anybody can get in touch with them for approval, let me know - It’s almost 10GB for the mp3 archive, so I’m wondering if anybody has any creative solutions to sharing these without hitting bandwidth limits? I've heard Google Drive has somewhere between a 1TB and 10TB download limit per day for hosting, so that's probably the best solution?
  3. Hi Friends - here is this week's updated Tweedy Show checklist. I've made some updates. Fixed several formatting errors. Added a few missing songs: Drawing From Memory (Warmer vinyl bonus track) & Life Story (the audiobook exclusive). Added dark blue to indicate songs that were either partially played or sung mostly by Sammy/Spencer. Also - added in the list of possible new original songs that have debuted on the show: Baby You're So Miserable, A Robin Or A Wren, Guess Again, Natural Disaster, Save It For Me, Tell Your Friends, & Half Life (there's possibly one more in episode 2, but not sure the name of it). Looks like Jeff is now looking at some kind of list during the show to remind him of songs to play-hoping he continues to play rare songs from his catalog and avoid repeats. Let me know if I've missed anything and I'll update again on Sunday or Monday.
  4. Hi Friends - I put together this song guide, partially to have as a companion when watching the Tweedy Show. It covers every original song Jeff has either officially released or played live solo + every “Tweedy” song + every cover song that Jeff has officially released. It does not include all live covers or songs Jeff does not sing lead vocals on or songs that are largely experimental or instrumentals. I’ve counted them all up from the solo setlist archives and organized them by album/project & in descending order (most played to least played). There are some surprising findings here - including some great songs Jeff has never played live solo (that I know of). Red indicates songs Jeff has never played solo. Green indicates songs Jeff has played on the Tweedy Show. Blue indicates songs that have premiered on the Tweedy Show. Hopefully we can get some more rarities and deep cuts played on the Tweedy Show! I’m sure I’ve made some mistakes - so let me know and I’ll get this updated periodically! *I realize the text might be a bit small - email me and I can send you a hi-res version - wilcovault@gmail.com ***Updated the checklist after finding a few mistakes and formatting errors - and adding info from tonight's show. (Song counts were wrong on a few songs on A.M, Sukirae, and Uncle Tupelo. Added in a Loose Fur song that didn't make it on the records, but Jeff performed live (Millionaire). Added a few unreleased YHF era songs - Nothing Up My Sleeve, Alone, Venus Stop the Train, Let Me Come Home, Corduroy Cutoff Girl (alternate version of radio cure), Never Let You Down, and Monkey Mess. Finally, added a song Jeff performed a few times called "My Words" in 2003 and 2005 - I think this is an original unreleased song, but not sure. I've also included a possible unreleased new song called "Tell your Friends" from tonight's show. Will try to update and share this every Sunday going forward as long as The Tweedy Show is on!
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