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  1. now if only they follow up with not for the season/laminated cat. would LOVE to hear nels on this one
  2. don't know if it's just my machine, but it used to be you could jump back and forth between different songs for the roadcase shows (dropdown menu where the song title is) but now i can only listen from start to finish and not choose different songs. is this true for everyone else? eitherway some kickass shows in there right now...
  3. i'm pretty darn sure there's a video feed as well. I've seen a few webcasts from tipitina's and it was audio/video.
  4. looks like tipitina's will be streaming (house audio and video feed) the two shows there next month... http://tipitinas.com/calendar.asp?id=200803 wilco info is on the sidebar
  5. random poll from rolling stone magazine, but they ranked the 50 best rock songs over 7 minutes long... in alphabetical order wilco made the cut with spiders (see link below). some interesting choices...love the jane's addiction "three days" nod though... http://www.rollingstone.com/news/story/175...minutes_long/10
  6. heard impossible germany at CVS here in san antonio the other day while looking for christmas lights. thought it was pretty cool.
  7. svahman

    remember Leroy?

    As said above, it's a self titled album from 1993 on the Mud label.
  8. svahman

    Roadcase updated

    I don't think it's the "full show". It does say somewhere in the corner "this performance has been edited". comparing the wilcobase setlist there are a few songs missing, "ashes" is all i can think off of the top of my head that's not in the roadcase. i think two others are AWOL. still a damn fine show.
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