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  1. Update - We went, I did NOT bring my child and it was FANTASTIC! I was on the rail, made several visual contacts with Jeff, and it was just a terrific, rockin' night. SO glad I did not bring my child. They would have been crying 1/2 an hour in, or less. I admit I wore ear plugs, because I'm getting old, and I don't fancy losing my hearing.... but I could STILL absolutely hear everything, still very loudly.
  2. And - I even decided to buy 2 more FRONT ROW tickets (for my husband and I) and try to sell my three 5th row tickets. Go big or go home, right? Ha. Kidding.
  3. Yeah, I'm back to thinking "No, I really should leave her home with the family/friends and enjoy the concert with hubby..." So, I think that's what we'll do.
  4. Whoa, many years later, and I'm searching the internet, with my troubling question: "Should I bring my 7-yr old to the Wilco concert next week??" And I'm driving my husband bonkers going back and forth on it. We have great tickets, it's an outdoor venue, but she can be sensitive to loud sounds/noises, and we're in the 5th row. Am I nuts to even consider bringing her?
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