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  1. Thanks for remembering me you guys....I guess this is kind of a big one.... Haha, yeah...they're good people....and they're just a block from my place! Happy birthday Charlos! shhhhhh........hee....... Isn't it? I can't believe it myself. Yay Sangria!!!! I've been waiting years to drink it with you!! aw....ya know...I really needed to hear that!
  2. it's called 'i don't care'. i'm so excited....my favorite prof called in to ask about fred lonberg-holm. life is funny. thanks to everyone who's tuned in!
  3. aw...you guys rule. thanks for tuning in last week! it was a blast! i actually had to think about that playlist....i don't know jazz as well as louie does. definitely tune in tomorrow...it should be a good one. i'm trying to get a regular show in the fall...i want to do a sunday morning show called 'the devil's radio' (thank you robyn hitchcock for the inspiration!) um...as for re-listening....the station doesn't have the resources to podcast (it's completely community run...one of only 2 community stations in illinois!) however, i will be doing my best to record it onto CD. (it's
  4. i played her cover of 'california stars' on the radio this afternoon.
  5. before i found out that it was 10 seconds, i kept thinking it was 5-10 minutes. we got shaken up pretty hard in carbondale.
  6. i get the feeling that this is one of those records that i'm gonna be on the fence about for a long long time.
  7. academic dishonestly is not something to be joked about!
  8. he once told natalie 'we stalk our fans'. we should change our motto: "Here at VC, stalking is a two way street!"
  9. the best part was how, when jeff DID post, no one even noticed.
  10. tomorrow the green grass is definitely my favorite. i could listen to it endlessly and never get tired of those gorgeous harmonies.
  11. in southern il, the new madrid faultline is talked about often (i took a geology course and they wouldn't shut up about it.) thanks to uncle tupelo, i actually knew what my profs were talking about from the very first moment! being a wilco junkie has its benefits.
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