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  1. Well it's nice to be here! And thanks,you somehow need to inform the general public that music isn't a choice we choose, it chose us. And sometimes embarrassing, it's worth all the awkward moments And those of you that honestly answered. ...well done
  2. I'm so happy to see this amazing bunch is still here,and better yet they care as much as I do for them. I apologize for any worry I caused I'm so lucky to have people in my life as amazing as the VC crew... Thank you for always being there And of course putting up with my shananagins! That takes a rare bunch of folks to achieve that task!
  3. Wow,I really like how you did this. Because it eliminates the most awful question."Who is your favorite band?" or "What's your favorite song? " 5:Michael Jackson 10:Poison 15:The Cure 20:Grateful Dead 25:Wilco 30:Townes Van Zandt 35:Grateful Dead (When life doesn't make any sense,get out the tapes)
  4. Have seen truss rods go through necks....look at them like the extra gas your car has when it says its on Empty. It will get you home if your close enough already. Working a truss rod is just giving you your correct relief.... Everything lies in working the saddle height to the neck angle while adjusting acordingly and still maintaining proper intonation,or working intonation on saddle if needed...assuming that your nut is cut correct and filed at the right angle also. Which even goes as far as saying a lose screw on a tuner or bad tuning machines can cause improper intonation.In checking my r
  5. Go buy the Fulltone OCD and be very happy! And then get a DIY kit for the Boss and if ya f it up ya didnt lose much and if it works than ya have a really decent pedal...
  6. when you ever gonna come down this way...or hey,invite some of us up taht way?
  7. Ive got both kids sick and totaly spaced the presale today....if anyone wants to hit me with a good seat id love it...and ive got plenty of room for those needing to stay with me...ticket or not...its my turn to host the party...you all better come and hang out with my sorry... out of the loop ass! And i miss presale the day after i got my new notebook....ahhhhh Either way guys if ya can help me out awesome,ill check back in later. If so than maybe i can sleep in tomorrow with this sore throat. Thamks! And dont re direct me,im only kinda asking for a ticket...a good one
  8. Thank You! I would love to celebrate but not quite sure how to? My new GF lives in Wyoming and I cant celebrate in that manner Oh yeah,I have a whole new life....Ill fill in the the details latter...turns out that old girl was kinda a big B and I needed to be loved for once in my life! she is so amazing with support and she happens to like good music also!
  9. Wont be doing alot of these actions but I now feel ok in my skin...thats when life starts to just happen,and I still beat myself up at times but hey...maybe thats just putting it in check. It took years to even go out in public without some vise...and a concert,no fn way before I dont think id choose to do it but I know I could stand nude infront of 20,000 people at a public event and not give a shit..Id be sorry for all your guys sake,but life is good when you want to love and let love in. So ill def try to get out soon but please let me keep my clothes on! love ya
  10. Yeah,I getcha for sure....Ive been aiding my help to an old buddy of mine for the past month. Its only going to happen if he or she really wants it! I was prescribed it and still could be if I wanted to but the cons of that drug are so nasty that id rather just feel my pain 24/7. One thing you can never do is aid your help with money...once ya do it its a free flying sign saying..hey take my money and steal from your family. Luckily Ive got an honest heart and Id rather tell the truth than fool myself. It is that whole denial deal and waking up from it one day and admiting your faults and then
  11. Dont sell Pawn...Buy Pawn and estate and garage sales. I take it your not gonna make atleast a hobby flippin guitars right..just the random dont play,want a new toy or cash? If so I would do Craigslist....its not that bad and ive had guys fly from Cali to STL just to play my geetar. I guess with my shop at home im use to strangers...talk for atleast a half hour to feel it out. You will know if you even wanna ever even see this person..really! Consingment is awesome for me just cause ive hung around or worked at some decent shops over the past few years...a good relationship always goes a long
  12. Wow.... thats just mean, So yeah,Kicking a 2 year Oxycontin Addiction was easier. Also a 7 year Booze Bindge was easier also,and so was a 5 year Benzo Phase which I did do cold turkey on all of them...omg,that was stupid,but smoking is not looking like a lesser of an evil either... I think its the hardest drug ive ever faced. That doesnt mean if you have quit smoking than you should go out and get a fix kiddos... Cigs are a gateway drug,or atleast for me. Im that dude who leaves a full pack with lighter in my old smoking chair just to punish me. It has worked for 2 weeks...and thaks to you all
  13. This is exactly how I feel. I made a plan to quit before i turned 35...just turned 33 so I said f it..lets do it. I can smell cars driving down the highway smoking and its so gross..I hate the look,I hate the smell,I hate the taste and it does repulse me..even when i did it. Thank you so much....Ive pretty much cold turkied all my bad habits,so things like wanting a cig when I have a drink just wont happen. I made rules... 1...dont smoke 2...dont smoke in car 3...never ever smoke inside 4...stop hanging out in my garage,but i love my garage with all my tools..ahhh. I never smoke in my studio
  14. Well I am a Tech and keeping some of these guys playing is a hobby so always keep that in mind. If its a solid body with good neck I say buy! intonate and setup and ur good...fret work is every guitar,ive done more fret work on my al lee music man than most of my random vintage gear...i dont hold onto guitars like i use to. For one ya dont get attached and two you always got a new toy....geetars are fun,have fun,and if ya dont like it than flip it to some other guys who will
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