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  1. I'd like 2 tickets as well... if anybody has any extras let me know
  2. pre-ordering up on his paxam website. vinyl and cd both come with 11 extra demos to download. new track "destoyers" also available to download now in the download section
  3. Here's what I used back in the day... from the old altcountrytab.com site intro (D) shaking sugar from a (G) sugar spoon (D) peppermint tea (A) afternoon alone alone a-(D)-lone taking a shower (G) take another nap (D) watching television and (A) taking a bath alone alone a-(D)-lone (D7) (G) i feel like a book but i (Gaug) just can't start it (Em/G) feel like a lover, (E) broken hearted (Am) i look in the mirror at the (AmMaj7) face in the glass i (Am7) look like a question (D) no one ever asks a-(G)-lone (Cm) like i'm supposed to (G) be (Cm) alone lonely a-(G)-lone (Cm) like i'm supp
  4. http://www.pastemagazine.com/blogs/ctrl-v/...iott-smith.html
  5. i personally would go for a solidbody if you want to go for more distortion, epiphone les paul or SG might fit the bill. The only hollowbody I have is a casino, and in my opinion doesn't get the job done when it comes to overdrive, etc.
  6. I put together a replica 52 Tele, with some minor adjustments, and it sounds and plays better than my 'real' telecaster. plus it was half the price than if i bought one of the reissues. It was pretty easy, I think most people would be able to do it.
  7. Definitely one of my current favorite shows. the first two seasons came out on dvd this week
  8. from dylanchords.info John Wesley Harding Words and music Bob Dylan Released on John Wesley Harding (1967) Tabbed by Eyolf
  9. ryan BTs: ryanadamsarchive.com
  10. I got a epiphone "vintage g-400" last year and it is quickly becoming my most played guitar. It has a great beefy tone. It was only like $500 or so. It thought about shelling out the big bicks for a gibson, but this epi sounds awfully good, and for the price it is well worth it. You can add on a trem arm pretty cheaply if you want to be more like mr. tweedy
  11. http://members.lycos.nl/iseemonsters for ryan adams www.gumbopages.com has older son volt/UT/Wilco
  12. http://www.gumbopages.com/wilco.html ...for most of your wilco tab needs
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