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  1. One of the times I saw "The Replacements" was when they opened for Tom.
  2. In case you don't know Lupo's is now a theater venue as opposeed to a long room with a stage on one side.
  3. I've fallen in love wth Wilco (the album). I thought SBS was good and still do but Wta blows me away. I listened to it down by the sound (Long Island Sound) this morning with the sun coming up and it brought me to places only Wilco can. I love this album. The more I hear it the better it becomes. Very close to perfection.
  4. YHF Being There Wilco (ta) Summerteeth Sky Blue Sky AM AGIB PS ~ ih8music, love your avatar.
  5. Wilco just never stops loving me. My new favorite App. Along with MLB.com of course.
  6. I'm happy they're both doing what ever the hell they want. Some things never change. Thank God.
  7. Two seats Row F at The Calvin. I've done better but I'm quite happy. Great venue, great town.
  8. Me too. I never miss Northampton. Ever. BTW: Love the new super-sized avatars. Must visit more often.
  9. I like em all except Are You Passionate and Landing On Water. If I had to pick a favorite it would be Ragged Glory because I listen to it the most. Sleeps With Angels is also great but too down for regular spins. PS~ I just bought The NYA - BluRay. Now all I need is a BR player and a T.V.
  10. In the past/80's, 90's Neil's always prompted us to crowd the stage. I've seen many (20?) Neil shows from the edge of the stage. He feeds off the crowd like no one I've ever seen. If Worcester ever goes on sale I'm going for the G.A. tickets. Without a doubt.
  11. Thanks folks. I thought it might be Crazy Horse this time around with it being an arena tour. Personally I'd rather see this band. For now the venue closest to me is Worcester, Ma. The DCU Center. Better (easier anyway) than trekking into NYC to see another MSG show.
  12. Does anyone know who Neil's touring with this Fall/Winter?
  13. Anyone have any idea what time to expect Wilco to hit the stage? It's going to be close for me. I won't be arriving until 7:30.
  14. That was also one of my favorite Neil tours for that album. Those songs sounded phenomenal live.
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