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  1. always a winning combination
  2. wait... Canada has soccer? #sarcasm#
  3. I used to use these as pick-up lines, sometimes they worked...mainly they didn't. I am very saddened that they don't have the little funny phrases on the back of the bottles anymore. Regardless, Molson Canadian rules!
  4. Note: Quote removed by admin for offensive content. so your hatred towards people from spain comes from their hatred for black people? makes sense
  5. I say you plan a trip to Chicago and take the picture yourself... that would be cool
  6. As much as I like their new album... I don't think its comparable to any of their older albums.
  7. I thought one could only give up their virginity once? I might be mistaken.
  8. greatest grilled cheese ever = extra sharp cheddar + crushed red peppers
  9. ok wow, now THAT was fricken awesome!!
  10. I've been to LA twice and both times we went to Amoeba records... and both times I spent a few hours there. I LOVE that place! They have a entire warehouse attached to the building that is nothing but vinyl.
  11. I love that site... usually on couple times a month.
  12. I appreciate the mere fact that you brought them to my attention, I noticed they are on Itunes... I will probably nab it off there once I get paid. I am assuming they are Chicago based, do they play in the city often or suburbs? I'd like to check em out if I can next time I am in town.
  13. yea... I dig these guys alot. Do you have any EPs or anything from them?
  14. going there for the first time this summer for MMJ and Black Keys! WOO
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