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  1. All I have to say is good for them. I remember when they won the Grammy for AGIB (they played a show in Alabama of all places that evening) and it's about time they get recognized. Lord knows they have put in enough hard work to get where they are at today. It would be a hugh accomplishment to beat out the boss but (call me crazy) I think they can do it! SBS is a great album that still gives me chills today. megan
  2. Can anybody provide either an audio or video clip of just HooDoo VooDoo? I love that freakin song.... megan
  3. Many, many thanks! Was waiting the best I could to hear that version of HooDoo VooDoo as Pat and Nels just went at it! megan
  4. Thank god we have taper confirmation as I am just dying to download this show!!!! Please surface soon as my ears need Warsaw. I have the pumpkins show in Asheville to suffice until then. Which by the way for all you pumpkins haters was great! megan
  5. What's up?? Yes, we got very lucky and with the help of a friend (or two or three), got in. Thank goodness as I would have been a sad camper after seeing that setlist. All I have to say is thank god for Wilco! Can't wait for the Pumpkins in Asheville, NC on Monday and Tuesday! megan
  6. Wilco came on around 9:20 and played until 11:30ish. The sound in the Warsaw was absolutely fantastic (almost Ryman quality) and definitely better than the Hammerstien show. Although I can't complain because I was really happy with the Hammerstien show (set list and sound quality) especially after standing in the rain in Atlanta for 2 hours! Can't seem to get enough of the new album and when Hoo Doo Voo Doo was pulled out of the closet... that was the highlight for me of the musical weekend/week! The Warsaw setlist definitely felt special. megan
  7. Any PM help on this end would be greatly appreciated! megan Edit : Got it and thanks to those of you that sent it so quickly! It's a very happy Monday in my world...
  8. Will someone PM me a link to the songs as well? I've been stuck in the work world and have missed all of this.... Thanks in advance.... megan
  9. I'll be there. Can't wait. Also, can't believe this show is not sold out! Where are all the Wilco fans in the SouthEast?? megan
  10. I absolutely love this album! Everything from Wordless Chorus, Gideon, Golden, Dondante, Holiday, etc. GET IT. This is an alubm you can put on anytime of the day and enjoy. I do have to admit that I like the version of Dondante better from Bonarroo 06 but whatever the case, this disc rocks and has been one of the only discs played in my car for the last week. Can't wait to see them in the second row at the Ryman! And the Tabernacle in the ATL of course.... meg
  11. The best thing you can do right now is drink lots of water and exercise a ton. The more you sweat and the more hydrated you keep youself the better. Also, the less body fat you have, the quicker you will test clean as THC clings onto and stores in body fat. Also, on top of speaking with your local head shop, I would also suggest going down to your local GNC/Vitamin store and speak with them. Be honest in that you are taking a drug test and that you want something that is not going to be found as a mask when you test. Goldenseal is tested for but there are other products such as pills a
  12. That helped a great deal. I found the one on the website that had the A-Z and numbers but it didn't break the seats up into sections like it did with the link you sent. Thanks! megan
  13. Anyone know where to find an updated seat layout for this venue? The one ticketmaster had was off and I cant seem to find the seat layout on their website that correlates to the tickets I purchased. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! megan
  14. So this is absolutely killing me... I need to hear this version of Walken with horns. Has any sort of recording shown up for this one?? megan
  15. Hello Everyone! I have finally had time to catch up on all the postings and agree with everybody on what is being said. More time definitly needs to be spent together in the future! Anyone hitting up the San Diego or LA shows?? Also, I am 100% interested in getting a disc with everybodies pictures on it since I spaced on the whole camera thing. So if I can help out in anyway with burning discs and mailing them out to people let me know. A big thanks to Morgan for hooking me up with some of the pictures I requested! And Thank you Jeci81 for the nice treat in my mailbox this morning.
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