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  1. i have no words to describe how awesome the last 2 days have been
  2. sorry i didn't reply earlier. i was on the road and "off grid" all day.
  3. What does NSFW mean? is that a racial slur?
  4. I've once again got one extra for the Vic that i would love to trade for one to the Metro.
  5. gonna completly ignore the mac pc debate,, bit answer the question about 7. if you are running the Win7 BETA, yes, it will time bomb later this summer. Beta releases are expected to do this. plus, i would upgrade to the RC build, that is good through i think June 2010. this is the code that was cantidate for the official release. now that there is a solid release date, i'm not sure the code will change much between now and the RTM( release to manufacture) version. and no, no way to re4vert to Vista once an upgade has been made to 7. personally, the RC version is almost
  6. that looks like a pretty solid list . Asus motherboards seem really solid, and i'm a big AMD guy, even though intel may have a performance lead at present
  7. if you decide to build and want suggestions/guidance, let me know. i can get you a list of components i've had good luck with
  8. totally missed that link the 1st time around. it seems like a capable machine, but theres a big part of me that says to run far away from buying a Dell @ Wal Mart. for example, fairly comparable Lenovo for 500$ i totally agree. the 1st build is a bit scary, but hell, i can build a system in an hour or so anymore. also, unless the needs are urgent, or you are building a system, i would either go for an XP machine, or wait till 7 comes out. 7 will be the next XP
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