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  1. I'd say that's the crowd's problem. Interestingly, I think the time I've seen them move the crowd the most was on the I&W tour, when I found myself watching Calexico with a bunch of Dawson's Creek/Garden State-esque youth, who probably didn't have an inkling who Calexico were until their work with Beam. They seemed to be loving the Calexico set. Oh, and they drew - and moved - a HUGE crowd at ACL last year.
  2. No Calexico on your list, El Pic? There may be live bands as good out there right now. But none better.
  3. The Chastain show was taped by Sloan Simpson, a 'master taper' of some renown in this area. If anyone could pull a good tape under those conditions, it is Sloan. Props to him.
  4. I saw a rig in the balcony, but I have not seen any sign of a tape circulating.
  5. Come on down! This is a BIG step up in venue for The National. They just played here last month at the EARL - I dunno, maybe 225 or so there. Variety Playhouse holds 1000 or so.
  6. Yep, they broadcast from Atlanta.
  7. DIME is capped at 100,000 users, but they are constantly clearing out accounts and slots are available pretty much daily. Just keep trying, and you'll get one.
  8. For future reference, this is easy. In FLAC Frontend, open the files like you are going to decode them. On the right, is a button that says 'fingerprint.' hit this button. save the txt file.
  9. As always, Sloan, thank you very kindly for taping. I know that if a good tape could be pulled in those conditions, you're the one that could do it. Rain + volume restrictions + chatty Chastain is daunting, but it seems that most agree that the guys stepped up and rewarded those who braved it.
  10. I was right in front of this guy - he was in row 9. He had the rig up the whole time, but I'm not sure what kind of tape he will get. His mikes were at about 3.5' off the ground. And the rain was loud enough at times to be heard over the music.
  11. Thanks - I'd love to see a revival of not for the season > how to fight loneliness.
  12. Alpharetta is not particularly close to Chastain. Downtown is closer. But it is raining all over metro right now, and will be for a little while. Showtime is looking fine, however.
  13. I do know that fretting over bad weather won't make it go away. Expecting better-than-predicted weather, on the other hand... And the collective bad vibe of folks worrying over it, bailing out over it, etc. isn't good for anyone.
  14. Enough with the negative vibes, Moriarty. We're gonna be fine.
  15. It is looking VERY iffy. I think the better bet is to pray for it to move through early.
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