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  1. It was miserably hot, but you nailed the feeling of what it was like to be there. The fact they ended exactly at 10:00 was quite impressive. Thought for sure Spiders would close things out but they clearly wanted to give us as much as they could. Speaking of which, during that post-encore getting Jeff's guitar situated time, I really thought it sounded like they were starting Bull Black Nova for a few seconds.
  2. Thanks so much for posting! That's exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for!
  3. Any shirt pics? Just curious if there are any with both band names on it.
  4. Wait is this not just everything slowed down with the occasional DJ effect thrown in? Admittedly, I've only listened once but it sounded like EVERY vocal nuance from the original was there and I can't imagine anyone nailing it like that.
  5. Scored second row pit seats for Richmond. Excited that this one is indoors after seeing them outdoors in November. I'm a sucker for a climate controlled environment, especially in a Virginia August. Very excited for this show!
  6. If they had to play to tape with it then they should never play it. Completely inexcusable for a band of Wilco's skill to admit that. Surely the SIX of them can pull off that song to a decent enough degree without going Memorex on us.
  7. Charlottesville will probably be sub-freezing by the time the show ends. Can anyone remind me if they've played in such conditions before? I really feel bad for them honestly. Really wish there was a comparable indoor venue they could've used but to my knowledge it would either be too massive (JPJ) or too small (Paramount/Jefferson).
  8. Such an injustice that the Roanoke show didn't get the Roadcase treatment. Flawless show from start to finish and probably the best I've ever seen them in around 10 shows. Oh well, I guess they don't consider the small market shows very often no matter how great it is.
  9. I totally thought the Saxaphaw show would be reserved with a name like the "Haw River Ballroom", but nope, just an open floor and general admission. Made getting tickets a little less stressful but I'm not necessarily looking forward to a GA show for him, mainly because I can't get there but so early.
  10. I was really hoping they would come back to Charlottesville or even Roanoke but looks like they settled on just hitting NoVa for this tour. Maybe one day.
  11. Perfect timing. Leaving for a six hour drive to the Outer Banks this weekend so my family will get a healthy dose of Wilco now!
  12. Having never been able to go I always look forward to these. Probably more so this year than ever before. I went back and looked and the last SS recordings went up on July 6th 2015 so that seems to be within reason.
  13. The board looks pretty slow at the moment but I figured I'd ask for any last minute Roadcase recommendations between the Chicago, LA, and Seattle bundles. Really bummed they just have 2 of the Chicago shows up right now but hey whatever. Does anyone who has heard all of these prefer any over the other? I know they are all going to be great no matter what.
  14. With Pearl Jam being my all-time #1, I would die for any form of stage sharing. Just having Ed pop in for California Stars would be incredible. I've never heard either band comment on the other, but they seem to share a lot of views and politics and as far as I'm concerned they are the two premier American bands working today.
  15. I hope I'm not stepping on your toes by sharing my thoughts first, but I just got home and have to rave about what I just witnessed. This was my seventh time seeing them and I never thought I'd get to see them in Roanoke (45 minutes from where I live). I was worried that the crowd would act up but Roanoke BROUGHT IT! No noticeable shout-outs or anything that warranted a Jeff rant. It was so good. Easily the best show I've seen of theirs as they are truly on top of their game. I snagged a setlist from Stan so here it is: More... Random Name Generator The Joke Explained You Satellite Tas
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