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  1. Bout time they dropped Shot In The Arm from the setlist. Great song but they've been playing it every show for like ten years. Needs to get some shelf time for sure.
  2. Played at their Halloween show at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago—salute to the band and their city. Link: http://soundcloud.com/hidden-track/widespread-panic-outta-mind
  3. Would love copies if you can. Here's my contact: mhertweck@gmail.com
  4. You're right, they did. Which makes me curious that they wouldn't sell out a least one night of a smaller venue like the Fillmore. More room for me, I guess.
  5. And fill it? The Fillmore capacity is 4500 and they're playing two nights. Not sure what ticket sales are yet, but neither date is sold out. Red Rocks holds 9500. If they were at Red Rocks one night this weekend, instead of two nights at the Fillmore, I wonder how full it would be? Thoughts?
  6. Yup. Me and about 15 of my crew. The Fillmore is a solid venue
  7. Ditto mhertweck@gmail.com
  8. That's a good list, thanks. You the man/woman.
  9. Could someone post a track list of all the Uncle Tupelo songs sung by Jeff? I'm interested in making a "Tweedy Tupelo" mix. Cheers,
  10. Just saw this: Former Widespread Panic guitarist in talks with Black Crowes Monday, September 11, 2006 By Anthony Blazer (ablazer@jamtunes.com) Former Widespread Panic guitarist George McConnell has spent the last few days in discussion with Angelus Entertainment, the managing company for the southern rock band the Black Crowes, about joining the band as their lead guitarist. McConnell, currently residing in Mississippi after opting to leave Widespread Panic in early August, flew out to Los Angeles last Friday to meet with Angelus Entertainment representative Peter Angelus at the firm's
  11. I have an extra ticket for Fri. that I'm willing to get rid of for a reduced price. If anyone is interested, email me @ mhertweck@gmail.com.
  12. Haven't seen this on a set list in ages. Has it been retired?
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