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  1. Sorry to be late to the game but any chance I could get PM'd an MP3 of Unlikely Japan?
  2. Hey guys im looking for one extra ticket to the brooklyn show. would prefer to meet at the show for pickup. jacob.halpern@gmail.com thanks!
  3. Looking for 1 or 2 for Portland, 1 is really fine. jacob.halpern@gmail.com Thanks!
  4. Sounds sort of like a power pop version of the national.
  5. going to be in town tonight regardless but won't be able to check my email after around 3 if you have two let me know (203) 984 7685
  6. i grew up in westport, ct (newmans hometown) i used to work at a grocery store in town, i helped him pick out melons. he then proceeded to tell me that i was bad at picking out melons and told me that he owned some melon farms in california. then showed me the right way to pick out melons. it was an odd experience. i love his food products/acting
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    New Shows

    just looked at the tanglewood website for the lenox, ma show and it lists andrew bird as the opener. could he be playing a bunch of shows?
  8. jhh4321


    thought they did a pretty excellent job. horns were awesome on hate it here. walken was probably a good choice given the setting. i thought the band sounded pretty good considering how bad the sound mix can be at SNL. oh and jeff's jacket on walken was straight pimpin.
  9. 2 NYC, 1 Philly, 1 DC and no Boston Dates! I am pissed.
  10. If it was McCain - Clinton, Huckabee - Clinton, or Romney - Clinton it would be put me in a real tough spot but I'd still have to go for Hillary on all three counts.
  11. real nice tab thanks alot any other tasty open D tunes floating around?
  12. I saw this movie and enjoyed the insight into the politics of the band but overall was pretty bored by the whole thing, and I am a pretty big Pixies fan, at least, I was.
  13. I'm all for this. When global warming kills off all of our crops and other natural resources, I'm going to be hungry for some synthetic human flesh.
  14. So i think I'm going to go with an Epiphone Sherton II. Its a semi-hollow and has decent sustain. I'll probably swap out the pick ups eventually but for now should be just fine. Should be picking it up Sunday or Monday...I am super excited.
  15. I like pretty much all of their albums and am definitely pumped for this one. I think i read something a few weeks ago about there being strong gospel influences? I'm not sure, but it should be amazing.
  16. some of the other videos from that same filming are pretty awesome, there is an amazing version of someone else's song. also, i think its really funny that people are crowd surfing at a wilco show.
  17. So I went to guitar center today just to try a bunch of stuff out and learned a couple of things. I am going to have to stay away from hollow bodies as nice as they are on the eyes. I played a Casino which played very nice but just didn't have enough sustain for what Im doing. I played a tele thinline and was actually surprisingly pleased with it. I played some SGs, including the faded special. Didnt really do much for me, the necks seemed a lot wider than on my Epi model. None of them had the feel that I was looking for (or that I was used to with my epi SG). This weekend I am going
  18. have any you guys got your tickets yet? i ordered my from the presale.
  19. I was considering something like this for sure. Also anyone know anything about Airline Guitars? I was looking at the Airline 2P-DLX. Thanks for all the responses guys, keep them coming, I'm going to head down to the shop tomorrow and try a few out.
  20. Ok so my band was playing some shows in Ohio and my guitar got stolen, back window of our car smashed and guitars are gone. It is tragic, it was just an epiphone g400 but it played like any gibson and had infinite sentimental value. The good part about this is I get to buy a new guitar guilt free. So heres my situation, I dont know much about gear but some people around here do. I play through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe with little to no effects (some times i use a boss distortion but thats about it) and intend to keep that way. In my band I play an equal amount of rhythm and lead parts.
  21. that ones really nice heres a few more j4 pieces that i like a lot:
  22. That was my first question after seeing that as well but it was hard to tell, they are really small.
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