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  1. Hello all... It's been a while, but I don't know where else to turn.


    While at the gym today, a song came on that seemed heavily influenced by Big Audio Dynamite.  The radio station they play is pop music though, so I know it has to be a newer song.  Unfortunately I don't recall much of the song.  Any ideas?


    Much appreciated

  2. MCA where have you been?

    Packed like sardines in the tin

    So kick off your shoes and put on your swim fins

    Cause when it comes to quarries I'm known to swim


    Damn.... Thought he was getting better. Quite a loss of a definite game changer today.

  3. I'm a sucker for songs I don't generally care for and then when I hear a cover of it I think of the line in High Hidelity where they are in disbelief that it's good...


    Travis - Hit Me Baby One More Time


  4. Hello all... It's been a long time since I posted. Quick question:


    I'm pretty sure I've seen pics of various alt-country bands with a western style shirt with a bird embroidered on each front portion of the shoulder. Anyone have any idea where I can find one? I've trolled the internet looking for them, but have come up empty.


    Your savvy skills are appreciated.

  5. Who's got the best scream ever?


    I want to say Roger Daltrey (The Who) in "Won't Get Fooled Again," but I think I have to disqualify it due to being included on CSI Miami.


    And to show favortism Jeff Tweedy's howl on "I'm A Wheel" has got to be thrown into the ring.


    So what else is out there?

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