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  1. Is there anywhere to find Wilco's TV appearances? I was trying to find You'll Never Know and The Whole Love from Conan, but nothing....
  2. https://www.thelineofbestfit.com/videos/best-fit-sessions/watch-jeff-tweedy-debut-new-song-lets-go-rain-at-this-years-end-of-the-road
  3. Queremos Wilco no Rio!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fc9pLUZPlx8
  4. Here's an official recording of that cover: https://open.spotify.com/track/1qbzCC6GoPNf3FmfBg82rd
  5. AllMusic does a shitty job reviewing/rating Wilco albums, mostly because Steven Erlewine isn't a fan.
  6. http://drownedinsound.com/releases/19591/reviews/4150362 "Wilco's worst album"
  7. At this point "dad rock" is the new "rose from the ashes of Uncle Tupelo."
  8. Exactly. I mentioned this earlier in the thread, but I never understood why people considered Being There as weird. It's fairly straightforward.
  9. I can almost guarantee that Nels' (?) guitar on Normal American Kids has a weird recording technique behind it. My guess is it's a take from the first time he ever heard the song.
  10. They've done so much great work on straight-ahead (or slightly skewed) rock music, that I'm really happy they did something weirder, country-er, and quieter (while also being disquieting, off-kilter, etc.) Also a strong set of lyrics. It won't end up being my favorite album, but the adventurousness is welcome. For all the talk about BT being a weird country record, I've never really bought it. THIS one is the weird country record. Really enjoying it.
  11. Lazy review, but now that he mentions it, he might be right that Summerteeth is the most out of place.
  12. The spirit of Jay Bennett is in Random Name Generator. I can just picture him nodding his head, dreadlocks flying, while he's playing that riff.
  13. "Simple economics" is one way to think about ticketing, but do bands need to operate in service of just the bottom line? Wilco isn't Wal-Mart. I have no problem with Wilco making money playing shows, but rock music really isn't about the money; let's hope they remember that as time goes on.
  14. Here's a blog post from the creator of the video about making it: http://allison.house/blog/making-tweedy-summer-noon-music-video/
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