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  1. We are in Clifton. I know, I know....I didn't mention that my wife is also 5 months pregnant so I wanted to make sure that things were as comfortable for her as possible (I.e. Being in the car less than 10 min after the show.) otherwise we would have been on the train! Haha.
  2. Had a great time last night. Really nice evening out for my wife and Me which is rare these days because we have a one year old daughter. It made enough me reflect on how much my life has changed (all in good ways) since my first show in 2004, 40 blocks south at MSG. Sound was crystal clear and the beacon looked better than ever. Easy in and out, chill crowd and nice staff. I've been there many times and that place never disappoints. Highlights for me were impossible Germany, hearing the Schmilco songs live for the first time and red eyed->got you, as my wife loves those. Easy to ge
  3. What were the set times last night? Going tonight and want to have an idea of start/end time. Thanks!!
  4. Yep Wilco 9p-11p. Great show last night, as usual. Never disappointed. The theater is beautiful and the employees are great. Never had to wait too long for a beer and barely any lines at the bathroom. Although the neighborhood is sketchy and getting home to nj from there was a major pain in the ass. But, what can you do. Would have much rather seen them at a comparable sized venue in Manhattan like the Beacon.
  5. Thanks! I'm glad to know that there are at least other options. I don't want to have to take a shuttle bus or anything. I guess i'll either take the 2 or uber.
  6. yeah i figured. Might just uber after the show. I work in Manhattan but live in Clifton.
  7. I just got an email from the Kings theater that the Q train will not be running this weekend after 11:30PM due to construction so anyone planning on taking the subway should take note. P.S. what's the best way to get back to manhattan then if the Q isn't running. Do the 2 or 5 trains run all night. I just need to get back to Manhattan after the show so i can take the PATH to NJ. Thanks!
  8. Just pulled 2 for saturday brooklyn...keep trying, folks.
  9. I had no problemt (for once) pulling 2 for Brooklyn Friday. My buddy was trying for saturday and i think we're only going to be able to hit one so i might have extras.
  10. Hi guys! Haven't posted here in a while. My wife's coworker sculpts clay figurines as a hobby/side business. My wife had her make me a JT figurine for Christmas last year and I wanted to share. Pretty cool, don't you think? This isn't an advertisement, I just wanted to show it to like-minded wilco fans! (P.s. She sculpts a lot of bears so it's kind of like a bear-human hybrid, lol) attached as a pic, not sure if it's visible or not.
  11. Nice it worked! Thanks...never knew you could do that. sure it's not tagged and tracked but it'll do for now on the ipod
  12. no problem....can someone rip it now? ;-) I guess no one noticed it? haha
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