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  1. 1/ Taste the Ceiling 2/ Magnetized 3/ Cold Slope 4/ More… 5/ The Joke Explained 6/ Where Do I Begin 7/ Random Name Generator 8/ You Satellite 9/ King of You 10/ Pickled Ginger 11/ EKG
  2. We all marvel at the seque from You Satellite to Taste the Ceiling, one of the very high points of this album. But what if Taste the Ceiling opens the second side of the vinyl ?
  3. I am an « Hummingbird » guy. I am an « I’ll Fight » guy. Even an « Open Mind » guy. Well. I’m not that open minded concerning music in general, except with the bands I love. And I do love Wilco. Yeah, I’m a Wilco guy. I know this board and the Wilco fanbase in general has evolved from the No Depression age into something completely different, which is only natural considering the line up changes and the reinvention of their sound. But, it is true I’m an « I’ll Fight » person as opposed to a « Bull Black Nova » guy. I don’t care that much if they « rock » or not. I don’t care if they « decons
  4. Well, the problem is not only that we've already heard it all. The problem is that some of us have already bought everything. I mean, I've bought YHF, then I bought it again (the australian tour edition, which wasn't neither cheap or easy, from Paris), I've bought all the soundtracks, comps, tributes and benefit CDs to get the likes of "Old Maid" (superb), Let Me come Home (fabulous) or Any Major Dude (marvelous), I've bought the CD singles and all the extended editions etc. of every album, having already bought the initial releases. And I'm not talking about vinyl editions (which I bought). A
  5. I still don't have the finished product. Can someone please confirm 1/ who sings Jaicell Blues 2/ when Jolly Banker was recorded ?
  6. Bragg : Bugeye Jim, My Thirty Thousand, Ought to Be Satisfied Now, Go Down to the Water, Don't You Marry, Union Prayer Wilco : When the Roses Bloom Again, Listening to the Wind That Blows, Chain of Broken Hearts, The Jolly Banker (who knows for sure when this was recorded ?), Ain'ta Gonna Grieve Bragg (vocal) & Wilco (band) : Jailcell Blues (not 100%sure who sings lead), Give Me a Nail, Be Kind to the Boy on the Road, I'm out to Get Corey Harris (I think) : Gotta Work, Tea Bag Blues
  7. As I remember, there was always a great following in France for the Inmates, who were kind of legendary as bearers of the garage and pub rock flames when it wasn't fashionable anymore (nor yet). Unfortunately (for me), I was a little young first, then much too naive to know anything about those clubs until more recently. Now, I vividly remember the reissue of the Beatles album like 10 years ago, it got fantastic press, and it was very exciting. The New Morning is great, but waaaayyy too small for Wilco these days. At the same time, I love when the bands (wilco especially) play very close to ea
  8. Damn, I wasn't there. But I REGRET IT, I love the Inmates, the ONLY band that would open an album of Beatles covers by Little Child !! So cool ! And close it by I'm Down… In the 80's, when the Beatles were unbelievably uncool ! Now, that's what I call rock'n'roll.
  9. No idea ! I'm gonna ask. But I've been at la Maroquinerie so often that there's a good chance I've seen you play there ! If I only knew who you are…
  10. I've done the same as victor79, trying to contact everyone to try and see why Wilco didn't come to Paris more often. The answer was that it's almost impossible for them to make any money if they play their usual 800-1000 people venues. They've waited all these years to receive an offer for a venue like this one, which can hold 2500 seated people and make it profitable for them. When it was announced they'd play the REX, I had the chance to talk to John Stirratt. I warned him about this "sitting issue" and he told me "oh, don't worry, we know how to work these places." In my opinion, the other
  11. They hadn't played in France since 2007 (and we were VERY frustrated by that fact), so they were clearly a little self conscious about what image of the band they should present. I mean, when they play for crowds that get many chances to see them, they tend to vary the setlists a lot. But in this case, it was more "Wilco as it should be" if you see them only once in 5 years or once in a lifetime. Thus the emphasis on the "experimental" side of the band (BBN + Spiders + Germany + Laminated Cat + Handshake Drugs + One Wing + Misunderstood + AoA, etc.) which was a little bit overwhelming for my t
  12. yep, sorry, I didn't know if it was ok to post a link. Figured everybody could google it easily enough.
  13. speaking of "rare tweedy", I recently found jeff's unreleased version of "I'll be your baby tonight", recorded for the I'm not there soundtrack but ultimately not used.
  14. Most of the songs from the albums up to AGIB were as good if not better when performed by Tweedy solo than they were with the full band arrangement. This hasn't been the case anymore since SBS, and I suspect it won't be the case with most tunes on TWL. Does it mean that the songs per se are less good or is it proof that the band has improved a lot ?
  15. I'm pretty sure Jeff Tweedy would like to be the one to open up your mind about this kind of simple songs.
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