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  1. Not really. Touring may be a secret service nightmare but they could continue to record, no problem.
  2. I've always thought this was one of the albums strongest songs. Love the groove. Go figure.
  3. I heard Impossible Germany at REI the other day. Sounds like it's making the rounds on a commercial service that a lot of different stores are using. Not complaining. I purchased a kite there, you know, to fly in the sky blue sky...
  4. Funny, I had this line stuck in my head all weekend. And no, it's not one of their best moments.
  5. An option I often use for artwork in iTunes is using the poster from the show (often found on wilcobase) as artwork. iTunes will accept odd shapes for the artwork and I find it works well and is often the easiest and best looking solution (no insult to those who spend time making artwork as these guys obviously spend a lot of time and effort putting something out there).
  6. Is that Weird Al on banjo???
  7. I'll be there. I'm bringing my dad. I've been trying to get him into Wilco for years and we've missed a few opportunities here and there to see them together so I'm really excited. It's been almost a year since I saw Tweedy solo in Dallas so I'm in need of a fix.
  8. Face to face is always better. Take your copy of the receipt, explain your situation, stay calm but be very firm. Most financial institutions would rather write-off a loss than lose your business. Especially if we're talking about a small sum, $20-$50. They should have some way to contact the poster seller through the card processing service. If some company can just randomly ask for payment without leaving any trace of who, what, or where they are, I'd like to start such a company
  9. Sounds a lot like a Seinfeld episode I remember from back in the day. It didn't turn out well for George then either. Seriously though, your bank should be backing you up on this thing. From the sound of things, you were using a debit card and not a credit card. If it was a credit card, I would expect them to really be backing you up as most credit cards will usually side with you when you make a claim of fraud or mistake. Bank debit cards can be less protective, but they really should be siding with you. Especially if by double billed you mean they charged you the exact same amount twi
  10. I'm really happy for the guys. I think they're way past needing to win awards, but who doesn't like to be recognized. I like the Springsteen album and wouldn't mind seeing him win, but let's face it, Springsteen has enough Grammy's. At least it would be respectable to lose to him and maybe even the Foo Fighters (though as most people here agree, their new album is crap, at least they have some decent stuff from their past). But these other two nominees are a joke and it would break my heart to see real artists like Wilco lose to these sorry excuses for musicians.
  11. We didn't do this Senior Quote thing at my high school. Kinda wish we had. On the other hand, we did choose a class song which ended up being the theme song from "Friends." Don't blame me, I voted for something by Hendrix, though I can't recall what anymore...
  12. Just thought I should mention that I still listen to it on a regular basis. I've found it to be one of the better comps out there. Very thorough. I'd be glad to sendspace it as I only have AAC (MP4) files of it should anyone want it and not mind a lossy copy.
  13. Wow. I just had a listen and I can't believe I never noticed that before. VERY SIMILAR. At least they rip it off well...
  14. I'm not an expert, but if that's the case, I wonder if somehow something is cached within quicktime. Not sure but that may be why you are still seeing the stuff from The Thanks I Get. Try clearing out your cache in IE and within quicktime if possible. Just a guess.
  15. Very cool. Wish I had the cash. I've always liked the sound of his acoustic but never knew what it was.
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