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  1. I own the red A.M. record, in the clear sleeve. I bought it around 2000-2001. I have played it maybe once.
  2. I couldn't be more excited about this, as a tulsan and a wilco/guthrie fan. the archives are going to be amazing. GKFF, as we call them here, has played a huge and significant role in the revival of downtown tulsa, and in the preservation of our cultural institutions. I know Jeff and the boys love playing Cain's Ballroom, and now they have another reason to love Tulsa... it would be great to have them come to Tulsa for Woody's 100th birthday celebration: http://www.woody100.com/
  3. Rural. Tulsa has 1,000,000 people living there.
  4. I don't know, but I haven't found a ticket for the Cain's show for less than 125.00....
  5. I am so stupid. I blew off the pre-sale, and Tulsa sold out in less than a day. I desperately need two tickets...They are going for ridiculous sums on the secondary market. Don't mind paying above face value, but 200+ a ticket is excessive. Hoping to find some help! Thanks.... pfox7 patrickmfox@gmail.com
  6. Great show... Thanks again to Cain's Ballroom for getting great artists like Wilco and M. Ward to come to Tulsa... Played tons from Post-War, and quite a few from the new album. I guess he is a real 50's rock and roll fan...he played Rave On of course, but also Chuck Berry (Roll Over Beethoven), and an old Don Gibson tune. He rocked it a little more than I expected, which was cool to see. And the dude can play guitar...great show, great time. Don't have a set list, but will post if I find one.
  7. pfox7

    Wilco DVD

    I am glad I am not the only one this bugged. I'll get over it. I started a new thread...sorry for the repeat. They made Cain's look just as awesome as it is, FWIW.
  8. I wouldn't go that far. The entire opening sequence was of Cain's/Tulsa. Rewatch that soundcheck of Ashes... I thought it was an incredible tribute to the place. I just noticed that small edit. Otherwise...I thought it was excellent. The bonus material was great too...the Woody Guthrie/Oklahoma connection... We love you in Tulsa Wilco! Even though you are forcing me to step foot in OKC this spring to see you...
  9. I'll listen to the Tulsa bootleg...but I am pretty sure it was the exact quote. Maybe someone who has heard the Ryman show could weigh in? Edit: Just checked. It is from the Tulsa show. Between Impossible Germany and Handshake Drugs.
  10. Sorry if this came off wrong. I love the DVD...love the performances shown...
  11. As a Tulsan...I am proud as hell that Wilco chose Cain's as one of the venues to memorialize their performances....I was there. It was an amazing show..the best Wilco show I've been to anywhere. The only thing that disappointed me about the DVD, and only those at the Tulsa show would know it, is that the quote Jeff makes about being on steroids was at the Tulsa show, not the Nashville show, and the DVD is edited to make it look otherwise. I wouldn't care normally, but it was a somewhat of a highlight moment in terms of banter... The doctor examining Jeff during the film is doing so in the ba
  12. Any word on the DVD???
  13. The show was definitely taped...I saw a mic stand dead center, 40 feet back from stage. And the show was amazing. Best Wilco show I have seen, and I said that the last time they played Cain's. Totally rocked out the second half of the show...Jeff with his Roses suit. Light on Banter, likely due to the voice issues, but they little that was there was nothing but complimentary and reverent to the venue, which is truly one of the greats anywhere. And the crowd was great... He took a steroid shot from some Doctor in Tulsa...apparently it was some sort of miracle drug, cause he was screaming
  14. pfox7

    Sky Blue Sky

    I am still listening to it....and still loving it. It definitely has a different (70's? I don't think so.) vibe. Peaceful...Hopeful...like "We can make it better". All in all a very natural record...obviously it lacks the discord the last two did, probably because it is the first record Jeff has made since he has been "clean". I suspect that is translating in the final product, and was probably indicative of the recording process. Anyway, I think it is an easier record to listen to, which is different than we've become accustomed to. Music doesn't have to be challenging (i.e. ten mi
  15. The official review from the Tulsa World:
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