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  1. I saw his first show in support of the new album in London earlier this week, and it was very much a more straightforward, full-band performance than the times I saw him after Noble Beast was released. And while 'straightforward' and 'accessible' might be regarded as negative, the show was much more relaxed, Andrew and the band sound fantastic, and the new songs are still interesting and complex, but also fun. From what I've read, the album was recorded in a more jam-session-type environment, and at least at the first show, this came through. I am curious what the new material will sound l
  2. It's hard to say -- I've seen Wilco in the US a bunch of times, in venues ranging from sterile arenas to amazing outdoor theatres. Last night was just the perfect storm: I really like the Roundhouse as a venue; the sound was great; the crowd was just enthusiastic enough without being of the beer-spilling, super-drunk variety; and the setlist really worked well for me. The last Wilco show I saw was in Chicago in 2009, but in a giant hockey arena and after I'd seen them quite a few times recently, so this was a huge change from that show, and absence probably makes the heart grow fonder! I sup
  3. I share the happy feelings with the previous reviewers - this one ended up being one of my favorite Wilco shows (and my first one outside the US!). I wish I could remember the setlist, but after they played One Sunday Morning, Poor Places, Art of Almost, ALTWYS and Bull Black Nova towards the start, I knew it would be a good one. The new songs sound great (though I was hoping for Black Moon), they threw some surprises in there, and the crowd -- at least those around me, about 7 people back in front of Pat -- were really enjoying it. The sound was fantastic, too, I thought. Now I'm wonder
  4. Dermot O'Leary needs to get out more.
  5. k8tee

    2011 tour dates?

    Wow, this was a happy surprise this morning. Grabbed two for the second night in London. Not sure I can justify (or convince my husband) going both nights. I can't believe Wilco is playing the Palau Musica Catalana in Barcelona -- that place is incredible. Symphonies, opera and Wilco!
  6. k8tee

    2011 tour dates?

    The tour dates are from a release that Anti put out regarding the new record label: http://www.anti.com/news/index/877
  7. I don't think Hem has been mentioned yet. Opened Saratoga show in 2004. Weird venue -- a smelly gym at Skidmore.
  8. Mavis Staples was amazing -- what a performer! And she did engage me much more than Gaga did. Her joy was contagious. Jeff showing up was a nice surprise. Saw Glenn at side of stage watching, too. And Pat joined Jamie Lidell for some of his set. Wandered over because it sounded interesting -- just in time for Pat to come on stage; he played melodica and tambourine for a couple songs. Wilco was everywhere yesterday!
  9. They weren't in the studio -- just before 8 a.m. they showed the band playing Heavy Metal Drummer during last night's sound check. I don't think there was much more than that.
  10. k8tee

    UIC Chicago

    There's Jaks Tap (http://jakstap.com/) at 901 W Jackson, about a 10 minute walk to UIC. Tons of beer on tap (http://www.beermenus.com/cities/chicago/bars/jaks-tap) and the turkey reuben I had there was pretty tasty. Also, Crossroads (www.thecrossroadschicago.com) at 1120 W Madison St. isn't bad for a couple beers, and there are a few other places along that stretch of Madison. Like Beer Bistro (www.thebeerbistro.com) -- looks pretty cool, but I can't vouch for it.
  11. Saw Luke Doucet and the White Falcon open for Kathleen Edwards about a year ago (?) in Chicago. I was really, really impressed. Plus, the drummer was wearing a Wilco T-shirt I only know "Blood's Too Rich," but I listen to it a lot.
  12. I enjoyed this quite a bit on first listen. I wasn't sure what to expect, and this is a pleasant surprise. I'm constantly amazed how completely different each album sounds. I'm not going to make any bold claims about "best album eva" after one listen, but it's new Wilco, and it's making me happy. Deeper Down is my first-impression favorite. Thanks again to Mike for sending it my way.
  13. Public radio's "Marketplace" does an interview with Tweedy about "Jolly Banker": http://marketplace.publicradio.org/display...jolly_banker_q/
  14. I was shocked to realize that it was 15 years ago. What type of kid was I to have been a Nirvana fan at 11 years old? I do remember that my parents hated that I had a Nirvana poster on my wall, and I had grand plans to see them in concert that summer of '94 at the ancient age of 12.
  15. Snagged a couple in Row N for Wednesday -- not too bad! Getting pretty excited
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