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  1. Thanks for the broadcast tonight! Loving it! Get well Susie! xo
  2. Saying prayers and thinking good thoughts for Sue. Also much love to Sue, Jeff, Spencer and Sammie.
  3. Thanks Brianne! Now I won't have to worry about waiting out in the cold! See you there I assume? :0
  4. I spent all morning trying to get 2 tickets for Chicago, finally gave up and went to the Riverside/Pabst/Turner Hall site. I got tickets right away. Although my confirmation shows exact seats/row/section, I could have sworn I had read/heard that the tickets for this show would be GA. Could someone help me out. I went ahead and ordered the 2 for the balcony, and then 1 for the floor. I'd like to know beforehand about the arrangements though. Thanks!
  5. I think it's above 2nd balcony, might be wrong, but it's up there. At least you got something!
  6. Yeah me too, can't find anything!!! grrr!!
  7. Oh, I was listening just now (3rd listen) and in error closed the window........now of course it won't work anymore. : ( Oh well, it was great listening!! I love this record!
  8. Got 12th row floor seats for Iowa City!....now if I'm only recuperated enough from my surgery to actually go..
  9. That's too bad, I love Kevin Junior and the Chamber Strings. The first time I saw Wilco was a pre Thanksgiving show at the Vic, and the Chamber Strings opened. I totally fell in love with their music that night!
  10. Yes,it would be nice to hear it again. I imagine it was for his sister who I suppose was there......nice.
  11. Thank you Heather (and Steve) for all you do!! I'm glad you have figured out a way to help people in need without having to go through the post office's new rules. Good luck to you and merry holidays!
  12. It would nice if this was dedicated to Jay...
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