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  1. Who did the Mercy Lounge (Nashville) sell their soul to?


    April 14 - TV on the Radio

    April 16 - Andrew Bird

    April 17 - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

    April 18 - Tapes 'n Tapes


    Unfortunately, I am out of town for TVotR but I already have tickets for CYH. Three great bands on three consecutive school nights in a row=dilemma.

  2. I wonder what the typical reaction to this type of post is. I gather that the OP has posted this same message on lots of boards. Do other places respond the way VC does? I ask because it seems very unlikely to me that someone could honestly expect this type of advertising to actually generate positive feedback or build a fan base. Maybe not much forethought goes into it but it just seems like a bad idea.

  3. Wade Phillips? That's the best Jerry Jones could come up with?

    Granted, he's presided over a talented defense with the Chargers, but he's already been chewed up and spat out by the NFL head-coaching grinder a few times already.


    Not that I care, mind you. I hate the Cowboys -- always have, always will. :yay


    Year Team Record Postseason

    1993 DEN 9-7 0-1

    1994 DEN 7-9 None

    1998 BUF 10-6 0-1

    1999 BUF 11-5 0-1

    2000 BUF 8-8 None


    I'm not claiming these are HOF numbers, but I think "chewed up and spat out" is inaccurate. I love the Cowboys though so there's that.

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