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  1. On a somewhat related note, I read a while back that there's been another album of Mermaid Ave/Guthrie material in the works ... except this time from Jay Farrar, Will Johnson (Centro-matic), and Jim James (My Morning Jacket). I'm really hoping this sees the light of day soon, because it could be pretty great. An article: http://consequenceof...s-will-johnson/ And another: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2009/sep/18/jay-farrar-woody-guthrie-album
  2. I was at this show and it was pretty great, if I do recall. Thanks for posting!
  3. That's awesome. I'm gonna see them in September in Central Park ... will let you know my opinion then.
  4. That came out in 1994. Or am I not following the reason for your mentioning this?
  5. That said, I'd also like to add that I think the DVD release of Vice made some changes that hurt the film a little - adding some scenes (in particular, adding a new opening) and changing some others. I still think it's great, though. Also, I just noticed that Time Out New York put it as #35 on their best of the decade. So, I guess we're not the only ones to like it. Time Out New York's Best of the Decade I'm also glad to see that TONY ranked The New World quite highly ... and also that they gave some solid (top 10) props to Zodiac.
  6. I'll defend Miami Vice to the death!! It very easily could have been higher on my list and actually might just be my most re-watched film of the decade. I know it definitely has its detractors, and I can certainly understand why - it's a very easy movie to quickly dismiss as cheesy or even boring ... and it does have a bit of rather cringe-worthy dialogue. But, in my humble opinion, as a whole, it's really an amazing flick. I'm a big Michael Mann fan, and I see Miami Vice as kind of an aesthetic manifesto on his part and as probably the best example so far of his pioneering use of HD. Here, he
  7. I haven't posted in a while, but here's my 2 cents: TOP 10 MOVIES OF THE DECADE 1) The New World 2) No Country For Old Men 3) Before Sunset 4) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 5) Inglourious Basterds 6) Wall-E 7) Zodiac 8) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 9) Miami Vice 10) There Will Be Blood Next 15: 11) Kill Bill Vol 1 12) Lost In Translation 13) Memento 14) In The Mood For Love 15) Good Night and Good Luck 16) City of God 17) Adaptation 18) Mulholland Drive 19) In Bruges 20) 25th Hour 21) Bad Santa 22) Inland Empire 23) Team America: World Police 24) The Fog of War 25) The Fantast
  8. I'm in NYC and mine arrived today. Just popped it in and it looks great so far.
  9. Agreed on all accounts. I quite enjoyed Rourke winning, his acceptance speech, and the finger-giving.
  10. There's so many films I want/need to see, and this is definitely among them. I think my favorites of the year are Wall-E and Glory at Sea, a truly stunning 25 minute short film which I encourage everyone to check out. You can watch it in its entirety on YouTube here: Glory at Sea Not the same as catching it on a big screen ... but it'll do. It's worth a viewing. I really love this little movie.
  11. I was actually just reading this and was a bit surprised when the Tweedy mention/quote popped up. Good read.
  12. Anyone see Slumdog Millionaire yet? I'm quite looking forward to catching that one. Also... I really wanna see this after reading excellent reviews in the NY Times and Village Voice. I think it is in VERY limited release, as even here in NYC it's only playing at Film Forum. Maybe I'll catch these next week some time. I think I'm just gonna watch me a lil' 30 Rock tonight.
  13. I agree. This album's pretty darn great.
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