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  1. Tulsa is my hometown and I planned my trip back from Jersey to see family around the Wilco show. Of course, I was late on the tickets. I need two if you have them or if anyone knows prime places to get tickets around Cain's the day of, that would be helpful, too. Thanks so much!
  2. i am flying all the way in to tulsa (my home town) from jersey. if the other guy didn't take them, or if you just want to do a face to face deal, please let me know. i'll be there on march 7. thanks
  3. if this is still available, please let me know. i am flying to tulsa (my home town) to see the show, but tickets have sold out. thanks
  4. give that crowd a break. that was the first time most of them had been able to get out of their houses in a week due to a huge snow storm. and, for the record, the 4/21 starland ballroom new jersey crowd (or at least one guy in particular) was worse.
  5. well, i for one, am encouraged by this. see, i've always wanted to be a rock writer, but i assumed i would have to know something about music. turns out, that's not true.
  6. i bought your shirts! thanks, man. haven't decided if i'll keep them or give them away, but i'm glad i got 'em! i'll likely give the black one away because my three year old daughter has it and we'd just look like tools if we wore them on the same day. 11.50 is a hell of a price for two wilco shirts.
  7. i haven't been able to locate this yet. can someone here who has located it, locate it to me, please. thanks so much
  8. dude, if you're still around in a million years and wilco is too AND tickets still only cost $120 you'd better do it.
  9. i subscribed to harp on feb 17 of this year. they told me during one of the now 6 phone conversations that i've had with them that my subscription wasn't even processed until april 21. it is now july 13th and still not a single issue. 6 phone calls without any results and three unanswered emails. i did get the free cd, though. this blows because harp is my favorite music mag. it's contents are second only to paste, but paste only comes out during eclipses. so, i like harp more because i can get it more often. well, if they would send me one i could.
  10. elaborate with specifics?
  11. let's not forget that tweedy was #24 on the paste magazine list, too. that list was compiled by industry people (critics, artists, moguls, etc.) at least i think it was. i was skimming it at lunch. anyway, to me this is a larger accomplishment. to be highly thought of by people who know music is important. as much as we'd like to think of our knowledge of music few of us "readers" are truly musically literate enough to appreciate the intricasies of the music our favorite artists write.
  12. did anyone tape this? i'd love a copy as the horns were terrific and getting the rarely used shirt lifting verse of heavy metal drummer was cool. plus, having jeff's springsteen impersonation on tape?...priceless... ok, what was that dude doing that pissed jeff off so righteously? i couldn't see the guy even though i was about 10 feet to his left as you face the stage. or, for better reference, i was behind the dude that was, like, 6'8" and kinda robust and about 6 feet directly in front of nels. anyone else get stuck behind the big dude? it took me about 6 songs to get around him.
  13. Can someone please post some Neko Case tabs in the tabs section? I'd do it myself, but I am a crappy guitar player. In fact, calling what I do the guitar "playing" is disrespectful to those who can actually play. I am particularly looking for "Deep Red Bells", "Set Out Running", "Look for Me (I'll Be Around)", and "Holding Out for That Teenage Feeling." I will greatly appreciate your efforts and will beam loving thoughts your way.
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