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  1. I just logged on for the first time in a long time and read this sad news... Rest in peace Natalie.
  2. me too! picked it up on monday. Also:
  3. Looks great, like it might have more substance plot-wise than the life aquatic. I'm a big wes anderson fan and i really like the stylised world he's created, I hope he keeps making films in that universe as well as trying new stuff. i don't see it as rehashing.
  4. Calexico - All Systems Red Felt a tremor stir beneath my breath That forecasts storms on the gallup poll Waking up from the nightmare news Hoping to read a sign in the morning air Nothing changes here and nothing improves All say my friends who just want out And leave these troubles behind Scatter like paper in the eye of the storm Documented with a silenced note That's only heard from far away More cards in play, following suit Everywhere you look, you only see red Wonder when to call off the race Watching a horse running down its last legs When you think it couldn't get much worse The numbers rise on the death toll And the chimes of freedom flash and fade Only heard from far, far away I hear you can't trust in your own Now the grey is broken in the early morn And the words forming barely have a voice It's just your heart that's breaking without choice Everything you hear is distorted in your head Bouncing off the walls, unraveling the thread Staying up with the blue screen glow Forgetting everything you ever dreamed years ago When the dread is flowing down my veins I want to tear it all down and build it up again Hear your heart that's breaking without choice I want to hear those chimes ring again Ring again
  5. i need to get that. Shellac were a definite highlight of ATP for me. NP: Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Matt Sweeney - Superwolf first listen and loving it. Next up: Why? - Sanddollars EP
  6. The Believer Music Issue 2007 CD this cost me
  7. i've had a pretty miserable few weeks of being fucked up over a girl and i'm still in the wallowing stage. here's what has dominated my listening: bonnie prince billy - i see a darkness m. ward - transfiguration of vincent beck - sea change ryan adams - heartbreaker/gold handsome furs - plague park the national - sad songs for dirty lovers the hold steady - seperation sunday bright eyes - lifted not pulled out 'electro-shock blues' in ages.
  8. Bright Eyes - Digital Ash in a Digital Urn saw them live a couple of nights ago, was a great gig, although as my fifth night out in a row, i was maybe too knackered to fully take it in.
  9. what's that dude? today i picked up the new Dntel, Seperation Sunday and the last Yo La Tengo album. And now I'm off to inflict my tastes on a possibly empty room for 3 hours
  10. I thought Wilco's set was pretty good, but I wasn't so keen on the new stuff. the bands actually seemed to enjoy playing the older stuff more. Still, it was a nice experience after the mental headfuck that was Les Savy Fav. I had an amazing time, but tough choices had to be made regarding who to see. I missed Grizzly Bear, Band of Horses, Echo and the Bunnymen... argh!
  11. hey, i just got back from one of the most amazing weekends of my life, the ATP fest curated by the fans. Anyone go? I saw Subtle, Why?, Shellac (x2), Daniel Johnston, Wilco, Slint, Yo La Tengo, Mogwai, Akron/Family, Do Make Say Think, Edan... and more! Still totally on a high. Subtle were possibly my highlight.
  12. hold steady - boys and girls in america i fucking love this so much.
  13. despite having no money at all, i think i might be going to ATP this year.
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