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  1. Jay Bennett just played with such ease. His fingers were spring-loaded. I wish I could play like Jay.
  2. Lord, did you compile this yourself? Thanks!
  3. He sounds like a muppet. Not quite sure which muppet.
  4. Wilco could record their belches and I'd be first in line to buy it. They could perform said belch album in its entirety and I'd buy a ticket. That said, this was an average show. Granted, average Wilco shows are better than most bands on their best nights, but...they were rusty and I needed beer. Dry campus, dry building = bleeccch. They're swell guys for doing the request-a-song thing on the website, but I'd prefer they take control and play what they want to. The jokes JT made last night about "gaming the system" were apt. And Cars Can't Escape sucked, btw. His quip, "we're gonna play it,
  5. Well said. They don't make the same record twice. People evolve. Bands and fans. The new record made me appreciate SBS more than I originally had. It has a poetic quality (as do its predecessors) that I don't find much of in the new one. Live, they're an absolute machine right now. Relax. Enjoy.
  6. Oh hell yeah. I saw St. Paul and St. Louis with an open date in between and hoped for the best. Damn, we've been lucky.
  7. lemme think about this... Backstage Seattle 1995-05-19 Show Box Seattle 1996-11-17 Horning's Portland 1998-08-30 Roseland Portland 1999-05-21 Riviera Theater Chicago 1999-11-24 First Ave Minneapolis 2000-11-18 Union Bar Iowa City 2000-11-19 Abbey Pub (JT+) Chicago 2001-05-04 IMU Iowa City 2002-11-10 Val-Air Des Moines 2003-09-17 IMU - JT (+GK) Iowa City 2006-02-19 Adler Theatre Davenport 2007-06-13 IMU Iowa City 2007-10-14 Harveys Tahoe Stateline, NV 2009-06-28
  8. I've got Dennis DeYoung doing the music of Styx practically in my back yard tonight! You're jealous!!! Who needs Wilco??? DENNIS DEYOUNG recreates 30 years of musical history featuring all the music he wrote and sang spanning his remarkable career. All your favorite classics including 8 top 10 hits such as LADY, BABE, COME SAIL AWAY, BEST OF TIMES, MR. ROBOTO, DON'T LET IT END, SHOW ME THE WAY, DESERT MOON plus Rock Anthems SUITE MADAME BLUE, GRAND ILLUSION, LORELEI, ROCKIN' THE PARADISE, plus many more... FRI JULY 3......ALL THE CLASSIC HITS....ALL THE MEMORIES.....ONE SPECIAL NIGH
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