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  1. All I am still hearing in "dawned on me" is "Like a Virgin"
  2. James- Bubbles Ron Sexsmith- Speaking with Angel
  3. April- James The Night Before May- Teenage Fanclub Shadows June- Crowded House Intriguer Great to see my childhood faves still trucking and making great music.
  4. I got the honor of being there for the filming of the pilot. I worked for the cruise boat company in Marina Del Rey and helped David Cross go back and forth to the "Here, we're queer, and we want to get married on the Ocean." boat. If I remember right...we filmed that at about 7 in the am.
  5. What? A duet? Have we learned nothing from "my little problem?"
  6. Very dissapointed in the new album. Only found the first two tracks to be even close to up to par. What once worked as "creative ideas" they seemed to have turned to cheap schtick.
  7. I've got cramps...he autographed my arm once. One of the greatest performers, ever!
  8. David Lynch is my favorite film maker. I think the thing with him is that in some cases, you just need to watch his films not "expecting" to see a movie. Blue Velvet is still one of my favorites and M Drive I think is awesome in how each scene is a complete piece of art within itself Twin Peaks is still the greatest tv show ever...even when it lost its vigor.
  9. I do think the anti-christ is supposed to be Jewish...but what do I know?
  10. I do think a greatest hits is weird...but I'm surprised by the negative comments Golden Smog gets on this board. There a classin "B-side" like band to me, and I am continuously blown away by songs like Until You Came Along, Jennifer Save Me, Reflections on Me, Radio King, etc. No, Another Fine Day isn't the greatest album, but I highly enjoyed it especially in comparison to the heap of crap out there today. 99 percent of bands are less worthy of a retrospective album than Golden Smog.
  11. This is weird...i don't see anything included from the EP and I believe Love and Mercy was released on a Rolling Stone Magazine release. I thought I downloaded a version of "Too Drunk to Dream" by Golden Smog a couple years ago...I would love to hear that again.
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