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Found 3 results

  1. I have two general admission floor tickets (row GA11 Seats 262 & 263) for the September 23rd show for sale. They are $40 a piece. I would rather eat the service charge and see them go to to someone who enjoys the band then risk selling them to scalpers on Craig's list. If interested reply here or call or text me at 816-535-0658. Thanks Jason
  2. Thanks, Analogman, for posting below with better formatting.
  3. I should have bought a ticket in advance, but totally spaced. Been to every Wilco show since I moved to KC. Looking for one - yes only one - ticket to Jeff's solo show Tues, Dec 3rd at the Uptown - would love to be on the floor in from of the SBD - but will take what I can as I have sat everywhere in that venue. If a friend cancels or your wife or husband really don't want to go - take me :-) many times I have given my wife's ticket away because she didn;t want to go. Lots of love to the one who can set me up - send me a message or email me at david underscore przybylinski at homail do
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