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Found 2 results

  1. Surprised no one has started a 2019 thread, but since it is opening day, here goes at least for predictions: AL East Boston Red Sox New York Yankees Tampa Bay Rays Toronto Blue Jays Baltimore Oriels AL Central Cleveland Indians Minnesota Twins Kansas City Royals Chicago White Sox Detroit Tigers AL West Houston Astros Oakland As LA Angles Texas Rangers Seattle Mariners NL East Philadelphia Phillies Washington Nationals New York Mets Miami Marlins Atlanta Braves NL Central Chicago Cubs Milwaukee Brewers St. Louis Cardinals Cincinnati Reds Pittsburgh Pirates NL West Colorado Rockies LA Dodgers Arizona Diamondbacks San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants AL Playoffs Wildcard A's over Yankees ALDS Boston over As Astros over Indians ALCS Astros over Boston NL Playoffs Wilcard Brewers over Nationals NLDS Cubs over Brewers Phillies over Rockies NLCS Cubs over Phillies World Series Cubs over Astros in 6
  2. Since opening day is right around the corner I think it is best we start a new thread, and what better way to start a new thread then predictions. Or in my case an overestimate of how well the Cubs will do this year. So here goes: AL East 1) Red Sox 2) Oriels 3) Blue Jays 4) Tampa 5) Yankees AL Central 1) Tigers 2) Royals 3) Indians 4) White Sox 5) Twins AL West 1) Mariners 2) Angles 3) Athletics 4) Rangers 5) Astros NL East 1) Nationals 2) Marlins 3) Mets 4) Braves 5) Phillies NL Central 1) Cardinals 2) Cubs 3) Pirates 4) Brewers 5) Reds NL West 1) Dodgers 2) Giants 3) Padres 4) Rockies 5) D-Backs Playoffs AL Wildcard Oriels over Angles NL Wildcard Cubs over Marlins ALDS Red Sox over Oriels Mariners over Tigers NLDS Nationals over Cubs Dodgers over Cards ALCS Mariners over Red Sox NLCS Nationals over Dodgers World Series Mariners win in 7 games.
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