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Found 3 results

  1. Here is my first stab at this one. Not super happy with the 'slide riff'; if anyone has any feedback, I would appreciate it. Comments and corrections always appreciated. Wilco - Normal American Kids / Schmilco 2016 Std Tuning / Capo 2 (all chords/tab relative to capo) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5OTJBuUr0o Chords: A A/f# A/c# /d /c# /b D F# B G(iii) D(iv) e|--0---0-----0-------------------2-----2---------5--| b|--2---2-----2-------------------3--2--4----3----4--| g|--2---2-----2---(0)-(0)---(0)---2--3--4----4----4--| d|--2---4-----2---(4)-(4)---(2)---0--4--4----5----4--| a|
  2. After watching the ACL from 1999, I realized that JT was doing some cool little runs between the D and G chords. I also realized he was using this version of D for most of it: x04232. That seems to be a favorite of his but it is kinda hard for my fingers. Gotta practice. Anyway, here is the tab I put together based upon that video. The vamps at intro / outro are not exact, but I think you get the idea. Chords/lyrics don't lineup here, of course, but copy/paste into Notepad and it should be close. Comments, corrections welcome. Misunderstood - Wilco (Being There) Tuning - Standard www.y
  3. It sounds fairly good to me, but feel free to correct anything you think is wrong. Capo 1 C# Hate will keep us together D Love will tear us apart E A What has joined us in the dark C# Oh I was worried D I would drive you away E You felt different A A7 I felt the same D Then I told you Dm And you agreed A Some days I despise F# Everyone I see D E We’re all swine A But you’re mine C# What will keep us together? D Will tear us apart E Maybe making up your mind A Breaks your heart C# Hate will save the dolphins D I wish there was
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