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Found 5 results

  1. I'm selling Wilco posters that I've collected over the years. Below is a description for many of the posters as well as a link to the site with pictures of the posters. Let me know which posters you are interested in and I will get you pricing information. Shipping is $8 per order. Chicago residents can make local pickups in Lincoln Square to save on shipping. Thanks, Ted theodorerice@gmail.com *Sorry about the small pictures on the site. I've got all of the posters (stored flat) in my apartment and would be happy to take and email actual pictures of anything you're interested in. http://wil
  2. Hello All- I am in search of the Feb 23, 2008 gig poster. Does anyone have one for sale? Thanks!
  3. Has anyone heard of a silkscreen Red Rocks poster that had Jay Bennett as an angel. Apparently Tweedy had them all destroyed the day of the show.
  4. Hi! I hope this is the right forum to post this in. I am on a quest to locate a specific Wilco concert poster from a 2/22/2008 Wilco show in Lakewood, OH (a suburb of Cleveland). The poster can be seen here: http://wilcoworld.net/#!/tour_date_type/2008-02-22-lakewood-civic-auditorium/. There hasn't been any for sale on the Wilco Store for some time. I called them and they do not have any in stock. I've tried contacting the artists several times with no response, and have been keeping an eye on eBay and Exspresso Beans with no results. Any leads or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  5. Hi, Does someone still have the high resolution pdf´s of those posters made to promote the release of Ashes Of American Flags DVD? I use to have it on a drive but can´t find them, just when I decided to frame them and use them on a new wall space... any help? thanks in advance
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