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Found 13 results

  1. Anyone have a line on 3 Soild Sound 3 Day Passes?
  2. My fiance can't make the road trip with me from Chicago to Massachusetts for Solid Sound next month, so I've got an extra 3-day pass. I paid Early Bird and I've currently got it listed on StubHub at face value, but I'm willing to negotiate a little. Message Me.
  3. The Tickets are sold. We're having to cancel our trip to Solid Sound this year and are selling 2 the last 3-Day passes way less than the Early Bird face value ($95.00/each) on this link at StubHub. We'd also reserved Ye Olde Log Cabin in Woodford, VT for Thursday June 22-Monday July 26 and have just canceled our reservation there. The cabin is a 33-40 minute drive to Mass MoCA (according to Google Maps) depending on the route you take. As of right now it's available for the entire weekend. To be honest, we had to reserve this place back in early February. It was hard to find then, an
  4. Huge news, everybody. i just got word of this from my friend Gorman Bechard, whose own film A Dog named Gucci will be premiering at the same festival. The long-awaited film will premiere on Friday, Feb. 13. An auspicious day, I'm sure! http://www.bigskyfilmfest.org/bsdff/festival/films-2015/every_other_summer_solid_sound_festival_2013/c/61
  5. Hello everybody! My name is Rodolfo, i'm 23, live in Brazil and this is my first post. I went to Solid Sound 2015 and took some photos and shooted some videos. I know that already has a topic for each Solid Sound day, but i have a bunch of photos and videos of the entire festival. If i'm breaking and rule, admin, fell free to remove / delete / move my topic to the right section. Thank you very much. I hope you guys enjoy my photos and videos. I'll see you all in 2017! -------- Gallery 1 http://postimg.org/gallery/2ipxlodo2/bc644345/?code=bc644345 Gallery 2 http://postimg.org/gal
  6. Hi Everyone, I have 4 passes for Solid Sound that I can not use unfortunately. I bought the early bird tickets so the tickets are $135 each, my cost. I will sell them for $115 each. These are the 3-day passes. The tickets are going for $150 through Solid Sound. I can email you the tickets and then you can send me payment once you have verified that the ticket is legit. Thank you! Ericc22@me.com
  7. Hello friends, I missed the boat on getting an official tent spot at the Solid Ground, and would love it if someone was needing to sell theirs! I can be reached via this, obviously, or via email at: michaelpancheri@gmail.com Thanks so much!! Michael
  8. Hi All, We had wonderful plans re: attending solid sound this year, but life changed (wife expecting). We have two 3 day passes plus a campsite (solid ground) we need to sell (at a loss). We are willing to sell the whole package for $200, or you can buy the pieces separately ($90/ticket, $90 for the campsite). We are in Kansas, so it will be best to use paypal. our email is allisontetreault@yahoo.com Thanks, dave & allison PS will also entertain reasonable offers
  9. UPDATED: $50 for Solid Ground tent plot at original (sold out) location. PM me if interested. Thanks. General Solid Ground Information Here: http://solidsoundfestival.com/lodging/solid-ground/ I can meet to give you the parking pass and get you registered per the policy that was sent out in an email to campers this week: Greeting Solid Sound Campers! We hope you’re all excited to camp with us next weekend for the Solid Sound Music Festival. Here are the final regulations regarding check in on Friday, June 21st starting at 10:30 AM. · Photo ID’s are required for check in and
  10. My friends bailed on me. Have 6 Solid Sound 3 day passes i will part with for $75 ea to deserving Wilco fan (plus any shipping fee). These are physical tix. Email me: rracusin@gmail.com Thanks and enjoy the show!! Bob
  11. I have 4 Solid Sound Festival 3-day child tickets (ages 7-10) available for purchase. This was the embarrassing result of a rushed-through purchase when Early Bird tickets went on sale. Sigh. At least I did get the proper tickets eventually, but now I'm stuck with 4 child tickets and no children. I paid face value for them, $224 with fees, but willing to sell them for $35 each, or best offer. I'll sell them individually or as a group of 4. Solid Sound Festival is a great family event and I want kids to be able to enjoy the experience. They're up on StubHub right now as this has proved to be
  12. $100. I have to travel for work unfourtunately and won't be able to make it. Would like to sell ASAP! Pat
  13. Just received this today--No Solid Sound announcement, but no definitive word that they're not doing it, either. As another year winds down we look back and marvel at how it's all gone, and how quickly. In 2011, we witnessed the launch of dBpm Records, the release of vinyl 7 and 10" and assorted incarnations of Wilco's 8th studio album, The Whole Love. Another awesome Solid Sound Festival. And on top of that, the band played 55 shows in 9 countries and 19 US states, ending the year with the incredible Incredible Shrinking Tour of Chicago. It's been an exhausting bl
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