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Found 5 results

  1. Here is my first stab at this one. Not super happy with the 'slide riff'; if anyone has any feedback, I would appreciate it. Comments and corrections always appreciated. Wilco - Normal American Kids / Schmilco 2016 Std Tuning / Capo 2 (all chords/tab relative to capo) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5OTJBuUr0o Chords: A A/f# A/c# /d /c# /b D F# B G(iii) D(iv) e|--0---0-----0-------------------2-----2---------5--| b|--2---2-----2-------------------3--2--4----3----4--| g|--2---2-----2---(0)-(0)---(0)---2--3--4----4----4--| d|--2---4-----2---(4)-(4)---(2)---0--4--4----5----4--| a|
  2. Here is the tab to one of the Jeff Tweedy penned songs from the new Mavis Staples record. Great song. Hope you find it correct. Jesus Wept Standard Tuning, No Capo Intro/Riff e--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G--------------------------------- x2 D--------------------------------- A----0h2-0h2---0h2---0h2-0-0h2--- E--3----------------0------------3- G-----------------------Em My throat quits when I try to say G---------------Em How I long for the day -----Am--------------D--D* How I wish there was a way ------Am------D--D* I could see you again D*
  3. Thanks to a fellow VC'r, I put together my first attempt at tabbing out the best song on TWL. I obviously did not put in all the little picking around the chord shapes, but you get the idea with respect to the progression and the runs. Feedback welcome (as always). One Sunday Morning - Wilco Tune Down One Whole Step (shapes relative to nut; sounding step lower) Intro: C G F D|---0----0----3--------------------1---1---1---------------------| A|---1----1----0-------0-1-0--------1---1---1--------0-1-0--------| F|---0----0----0---0-2----
  4. After watching the ACL from 1999, I realized that JT was doing some cool little runs between the D and G chords. I also realized he was using this version of D for most of it: x04232. That seems to be a favorite of his but it is kinda hard for my fingers. Gotta practice. Anyway, here is the tab I put together based upon that video. The vamps at intro / outro are not exact, but I think you get the idea. Chords/lyrics don't lineup here, of course, but copy/paste into Notepad and it should be close. Comments, corrections welcome. Misunderstood - Wilco (Being There) Tuning - Standard www.y
  5. It sounds fairly good to me, but feel free to correct anything you think is wrong. Capo 1 C# Hate will keep us together D Love will tear us apart E A What has joined us in the dark C# Oh I was worried D I would drive you away E You felt different A A7 I felt the same D Then I told you Dm And you agreed A Some days I despise F# Everyone I see D E We’re all swine A But you’re mine C# What will keep us together? D Will tear us apart E Maybe making up your mind A Breaks your heart C# Hate will save the dolphins D I wish there was
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