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Found 1 result

  1. I locked the old politics thread. It's interesting to randomly click around and see where it went. The early conversations were dominated with gun control vs gun rights, which dare I say seems pretty secondary at this point in the national conversation. Things got awfully slow at the end, I think from exhaustion and also it seems all of the participants in the thread, no matter what their political philosophy, were less-than-thrilled with the president elect. At some point retreading that feels tedious. I like how that thread stayed civil at least 96% of the time which is about all you can hope for in a political discussion. I would hope for the same here. I really hope we can keep participation up among more than just the large liberal faction of Wilco fans, as the identity of American conservatism is even more in a state of flux than progressivism (which also seems to be in a transition). I don't imagine we'll have much to chew on until the inauguration (the world might prove me wrong there), but there are some pretty interesting issues cropping up: -Unprecedented questions of conflict of interest with a business mogul in the executive office -Cyber warfare in general, as well as its role in electing Trump -Middle-eastern shit sandwich -Refugee crisis from above -Dems strategy as a minority party, will they roadblock as the GOP did, or make deals? -How do Reaganite republicans confront a new model for the republicans? Keep paying attention and sounding off VCers, this space was often a refuge of sanity in a very turbulent 2016. Happy New Year!
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