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Found 4 results

  1. Hoping someone is able to pick these up as we've just had a group back out and VERY late in the game. Weather is supposed to be great and the tickets are a group nearest the inner aisle facing stage-left - seats 5-8. I got them through the pre-sale and have the hard tickets in hand, but at this stage if there's time for me to overnight them to you, I will (on my dime), but it is likely easier to meet near willcall on Saturday...the rest of us are driving down from CT and staying over Friday night so we should be at the event early. Ticket Details: 4 Tickets in total Section 104, Row S,
  2. We have 2 extras for tomorrow nights show. Looking to get back face value: $69/each after fees. Hit me up ASAP! We are going to the show, and tickets are in hand.
  3. I have eight tickets and only my wife and four kids are going. You can choose from either of two different pairs of hard tickets. The first pair is Section 104, row J, seats 21-22 for total cost of $110. In an effort to unload these, I'll eat the already-paid service charge and delivery fee. The second pair is really close to the pit/stage in Section 101, row G, seats 1-2 for a total of $136. I'm not willing to eat the service charge and delivery fee since they're such great seats. (To be quite honest, I'm hoping you'll take the Section 104 seats and I'll sit with my son in Section 101...)
  4. Cant make the show on Saturday 7/21. I have 2 tickets for $80 total. I paid $136 after fees and delivery. Seats are Section 100 Row Z. email is : jsk175@hotmail.com
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