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Found 2 results

  1. sorry if this is the wrong forum .... but does anyone have or know of any live video wilco bootlegs or official recordings? streams, torrents, whatever ....wish I could go to Tokyo in April!
  2. Ok... So I preordered the digital download of the "Whole Love" album thru the Wilco website (which is the KungFu store). This is not the only album I have preordered thru KungFu. However, *all* the tracks downloaded from the KungFu store for this particular album have a minute of silence at the end of each and every track!! I thought there was something wrong with the tracks and even burned two CDs trying to figure out the issue... Finally, I checked the time/length of each track against what Amazon has listed -- and each track from KungFu is a minute longer than it should be and contains nothing but silence at the end... WTH? For example, "Art of Almost" from the KungFu store is 8:19 (which includes that minute of silence at the end). The actual track is only 7:16 in length. The track "I Might" is 5:03 from the KungFu store (again with a whole minute or so of silence at the end). The actual track is only 3:58. Etc etc. Why is this? It's super annoying. I have to skip ahead at the end of eack and every track to get to the next one unless I want to listen to a minute of silence after each and every track. Did anyone else have this issue?? Why does KungFu suck so bad? I had an issue with my Ryan Adams preorder with them recently as well... ACK!!!!
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