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Found 4 results

  1. If you had to single out one Wilco lyric or verse, what would it be? These lines from One True Vine always hit me: Life had ceased I was lost and tired You set me free from This mighty, mighty fire Just in time to be My one true vine
  2. I posted this same question on the Lyrics and Tabs forum but it seems a little slow over there. I was wondering if somebody could help me out. I've been trying to arrive at something more definitive for this burning question in my head. In the song 'Capitol City', does anyone know what are the station names during the announcement during the interlude? Some seem more clear to me than others... 1. Flemington 2. Woodhouse 3. ???? 4. ???? 5. Princeton (?) Perhaps NJ transit names? Made up? Sorry if this has already been previously discussed. I cou
  3. It sounds fairly good to me, but feel free to correct anything you think is wrong. Capo 1 C# Hate will keep us together D Love will tear us apart E A What has joined us in the dark C# Oh I was worried D I would drive you away E You felt different A A7 I felt the same D Then I told you Dm And you agreed A Some days I despise F# Everyone I see D E We’re all swine A But you’re mine C# What will keep us together? D Will tear us apart E Maybe making up your mind A Breaks your heart C# Hate will save the dolphins D I wish there was
  4. I love your sig, Oil Can. I love all those lines, too. But here are some of my favorites: "The only time that I say 'no' is when they ask if I've had enough" -- Peter Laughner, "In the Bar" "The days go by too slowly, and the years go by too fast" -- Magnetic Fields, "When You're Old and Lonely" "Love is priceless, and I'm still paying the bill." --Daniel Johnston, "The Creature" "So just look at them and sigh and know they love you." --CSNY, "Teach Your Children"
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