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Guest Speed Racer

Play a regular open G chord one fret up:


e - 4

B - 0

G - 0

D - 0

A - 3

E - 4


Doodle around to get the right notes (hit the high and low E's together and you'll hear the intro). Slide down into the regular G chord for the verse.


G Bm G C G F is the main verse. There's that funny little riff too on the G chord, which is basically just a hammer on the third fret of the G string, and then strumming the open B string and back to the open G note. I'm not so hot at tabbing.


"As I look down..." -

C G Em (walkdown to it from the G) and then funny chord (see below), then C, and either D or F.



funny chord:

e - 0

B - 0

G - 0

D - 3

A -2

E - 1

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here's a tab for hummingbird..


doodle around with every chord you know and learn about 40 more... you should get it then :D


Hey, give the guy some credit. He get's you 90% there. If someone really wants a nice page with the chords lined up with the lyric then they can put that together now without much work.

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Have any of you heard this song from 05-03-05? I'm trying to download the show right now. Coming pretty slow. BUT I was wondering how it sounded live with some of the guys. Damn I love this song. I'm trying to play it but it's not looking/sounding too good.

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