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What gear are you using

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Sorry, don't have any pics. I use a sunburst 94 American Strat as my primary. I also have a natural Washburn J-6 Archtop, and a black Takamine Acoustic (forgot the exact model number and I'm too lazy to get it out right now). l also have some Classical guitar that doesn't have a model name/number anywhere visable. Got it from a friend. It's actually pretty nice if your into Classical.


I use a Fender Blues Deluxe 4X10 Amp. I also have a Mesa 4X10 Cab and a Peavey XXX Head that is collecting dust.. I could sell the head, but I just can't let go of the Mesa cab..


Not huge into effects, but I do have your basic Cry Baby, RAT Distortion Pedal, Boss DD3 Delay, Boss Flanger, and a Fender PT100 Tuner.


That's pretty much it.

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I got all sorts of crap...


Main acoustic: Breedlove

Main electric: a custom Fender Telecaster with two humbuckers and a coil splitter

add'l guitars: Fender Jaguar, Gretsch 6120, Fender Tele Thinline, Fender Tele w/humbucker in neck position, Fender Nashville Tele, regular ol' Fender Tele, Fender Stratocaster, ESP strat-style with 2 single coil EMGs and an EMG humbucker in the bridge (had it custom made back when I had an endorsement with them), 2 Gretsch Jumbo Acoustics, 1929 Martin Acoustic, 1 Gretsch mini Acoustic with cowgirl graphics on it, Yamaha Dreadnought Acoustic, Danelectro U2, Fender Jazz Bass, Danelectro Longhorn Bass, 1952 National 8-string Lap Steel, 1930s Gretsch Lap Steel, late 1950s National Lap Steel...


Amps: Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, Fender Champ, Fender Bronco, Mesa Boogie Mark IV, Line 6 Vetta, Line 6 Spider, a bass amp and a couple of Peavey amps


Effects: a shitload of stuff, some immensely useful, some completely useless


I'm far from picky when it comes to gear, wouldn't consider myself an elitist or snob... if it feels good and I'm inspired when I play it, then I don't care if it cost $50 or $5000, it's good.

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Well, let me look around ... as far as stuff that I'm actually using (as opposed to just piled up in a corner):


'06 Gibson Advanced Jumbo w/ LR Baggs M1A

'98 Gibson WM-00

late 80's USA Strat w/ Van Zandt Rock & Rolls & mid filter

4X10 Bassman Reissue combo

Boss TU-2 > MXR Micro Amp > Freakshow "Frosted" Brown Rabbit > Boss DD-5


There's also a 60's Alvarez 12-string acoustic around here somewhere that needs new tuners and 3 or 4 other acoustics that need some luthier's attention (the best being a '62 Harmony H-165 that sounds pretty sweet but needs a neck set) ... and a DS-1 that I need to sell. I think that's it.


Right now I'm just doing Wednesday jams but maybe some shows later if we can tighten up some songs. We also need a bass player :rolleyes I'm mostly an acoustic fingerstyle/songwriter type guy but trading off leads sure is fun ...

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i use:

'07 fender jag special (you know the black and chrome one) which sounds amazing

1980's Sundown A-36 tube amp (they were made by some guy who used to work for ampeg, for those of you not familiar)

BOSS TU-2 -> MXR Blue Box -> Maxon D & S -> Boss DD-3 -> Sovtek big muff pi (just incase)

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Wow, this thread is back from the dead. It was interesting to see what I wrote back in 2005, and how much my humble collection has changed. So, here's the update:



Electric Guitars:

2007 Gibson ES-335 in two-tone sunburst

2006 Gibson Les Paul Standard in honeyburst (60's neck)

2007 Bill Nash Stratocaster in Fiesta Red

2005 Rickenbacker 360/12 in Fireglow

1980 Rickenbacker 360WB in Fireglow

1993 Paul Reed Smith Custom 24, 10 Top in Emerald Green

2005 Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Artist, 10 Top in Orange

2003 Paul Reed Smith Hollowbody II, with spruce top in Vintage Natural

2002 Fender Stratocaster Deluxe in Chrome Red

1991 Fender Stratocaster, '57 reissue in sunburst

1983 Aria Pro II Straycat (my first electric guitar)

198? Yamaha SBG2000 in pearl white

2005 Fender Precision Bass


Acoustic Guitars:

2007 Martin D-18

2005 Blueridge D type



Boss CU-2 tuner

Fulltone Clyde Deluxe

Fulltone Fulldrive Mosfet/Anniversary Edition

Fulltone OCD

Fulltone '69

Janglebox (for the Rics)

Crowther Hot Cake

Crowther Prunes & Custard

Boss Loop Station

Danelectro Cool Cat


Ibanez Compressor

Ibanez Flanger

Ernie Ball volume pedal



Fender 212 DeVille

Fender 112 Princeton Chorus

Peavey 212 Classic Chorus

Vox 112 Cambridge

Marshall 212 combo


Want list:

Grows each day....

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Here is my current list:


2006 Santa Cruz D-12

2006 Taylor GSKSe

2005 Gibson J-45RW

2004 Gibson SJ-200

2004 Taylor 855e L30

1970 Gibson Dove


My GAS is mostly satisfied, but I would love a Martin or another SCGC.

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Have to make some changes/updates:


'07 black gibson SG standard


'93 fender standard strat with vintage noiseless (wired in series, but will be changing back to 5 way parallel)




'69 yamaha fg18


effects (in this order)


home-made germanium treble booster


crybaby wah wah


mxr evh phase 90


ibanez tube screamer (modded to ts808 specs, replaced chip with jrc 4558, revoiced tone cap from .22 to .1uf, and changed one of the clipping diodes to an led)


fulltone OCD overdrive


roger mayer voodoo vibe


line 6 delay modeler




'99 vox ac30 (normal channel, retubed with j/j power and tung-sol pre-amp)


everything sounds VERY pretty right now. i only use the overdrive pedals if i need a distorted/lead sound that is beyond the half-way breakup of the vox and treble booster...

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OK, I'll play.




1956 Reissue Fender Stratocaster (Sunburst, American made, late 80's?).


2006 Gibson Songwriter Acoustic (used with LR Baggs Para DI).


Late 80's Takamine F360, with Fishman Rare Earth pickup.





1963 Fender Vibrolux



Stomp Boxes:


Boss RV-3 digital reverb/delay


Boss SD1 Super Overdrive


Boss Blues Driver


Boss CE-2 Chorus


Boss TU-2 Tuner



If I include the stuff I have accumulated for my kids over the years, this could be expanded to include:


2002 Fender Telecaster Deluxe (Black, neck humbucker, think Keith Richards)


Late 90's Squire Stratocaster (an amazing little $99 guitar that still stays in tune, and is still being abused by the boys and their buddies).


Seafoam Green Squire Vista-Series Musicmaster Bass (MIJ, late 80's? VERY cool little bass)


Late 90's MIM Fender Precision Bass


Vox 1x12 combo (AD60VT? Modeling-type amp with tube pre)


Marshall 15 watt SS practice amp


SWR LA 12 bass amp


Mini Pod

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1960 Danelectro U-1

Late 60's Gibson ES-125 TCD w/Fralin P-90's

1971 Martin 0-16NY



Late Mex Pro Jr.

1962 Silvertone 1472



Hot Cake

Fulltone '69

Boss tremolo


Guyatone MD-3 delay

EB volume Jr.

E Harmonix Holy Grail


wish I had:

more talent

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Electric Guitar:

Rickenbacker 330 black


Acoustic Guitars:

Taylor 310ce

Taylor 414ce



Goldtone Electric Banjo



Peavey Classic 50

Fender Blues Jr.



Visual Sound-Jekyll and Hyde

Visual Sound-H2O

Marshall Guv'nor II

Boss DD6

Johnson Tremelo

EHX Holy Grail

Digitech Bad Monkey

Korg Kaoss Pad

Boss Tuner

Ernie Ball Volume

Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah

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Well, I never got around to posting my guitars and gear here, so I feel it's about time...



2001 Fender Jazz Bass

-I added the pickup covers, and use D'Addario Flatwound strings.

2006 Epiphone John Lennon model



For the smaller shows and studio work



For larger venues


I also use a few pedals on my bass:

OC-2 Boss octave pedal, fills out the sound in some songs.

OS-2 Boss distortion, I'm trying this one out now...

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1965 Vox AC10 Twin - great great tone but EATS Mullard tubes

1997 Vox AC15 TBR


Lexicon MPX1 Rack


Pedal case :

Pod fx (split to both amps in stereo)

Crowther Hotcake (AC10 only)

Crowther Prunes & Custard (AC10 only)

Boss Tuner

Dtar Equinox Acoustic Parametric

Trance amulet Stereo Acoustic preamp




Martin D42

Martin HD28 in baritone tuning

Martin D15 in Joni Mitchell tuning

Gibson ES335 Trans Brown

Fender 1998 Collectors Tele

Fender 62 Reissue Tele w/Bigsby

Rickenbacker 360 6 string

Epiphone Les Paul gold top

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90's era MIM Telecaster

'84 Gibson Explorer

Yamaha acoustic



MIM Fender P-bass



Vox AC15 custom classic (w/ alnico blue speaker)

Ampeg BA112 combo

Peavey Studio Pro 50 combo



Big Muff pedal

Rat pedal

Boss tuner pedal

Boss Heavy Metal pedal

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Guest Rufer

My stuff:

MIM Jazz Bass & '62 AVRI Strat



Modified Korean Epi Joe Pass & Martin OOO 15



Takamine & Ibanez 12-banger



Pro Juniors, '63 RI Reverb Tank, Line 6 delay, Boss Trem, Fulltone Distortion Pro



'Home-made' 2 piece drum set--not setup.


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Sorry Ive got no pics, but maybe I will soon (I need to get a camera).


What Im gigging with:


'68 Gibson F-25 Acoustic


Split signal through = Volume - Holy Grail - Digitech Delay - Moog Analog Delay


'69 Reissue Telecaster XII


Through = Janglebox Compressor - Not So Ol' Yeller Overdrive


Into = Pro Junior, Or AC15 Heritage, Depending on how much I feel like carrying.


On home shows I also break out '68 Barney Kessel for a song or two.


Stuff I just have in my collection and mess around with at home:


'57 Reissue Strat

Martin DC1XE

Reverend something-or-other


Rat distortion

Zvex Fuzz Factory

Prunes and Custard

Ibanez TS-808


I really want to get an acoustic 12-String. Ive been lookin at the vintage B-25s with high hopes of someday getting one.

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Guest Rufer
Actually Rufer, I live right near you have lotsa songs. HINT HINT


Seriously though dude, do you play around town? I may know you and not know it, that'd be pretty funny.


Really, if you've got some things you'd like to record I could definitely be into it. Where in MD are you? I haven't played anywhere noteworthy in a long while.

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This is my first post:


Fender MIA Strat Deluxe HSS (changed pickguard to tort from white & swapped out locking bridge to reg)


Talyor 110 with a LR Baggs M1 active installed


Gibson SG bass Re-Issue with a Hipshot Supertone bass bridge (The bridge makes a big difference!)


Lakland Skyline deluxe 44-02 with Bartolini PU's & Pre


Line6 Pod X3 (using an audio interface with Cakewalk Sonar 7 Producer, BFD 1.5, Reason 4) might get another interface.


PC is Core 2 Duo 2.4, 500 gig HD and 2 gigs of RAM & MS Windows Media Center (will change to XP pro soon and add another HD)


I play part time in a cover / jam band with some co-workers, but use my gear mostly for home recordings.

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